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Being familiar with the NFPA 70E requirements for electrical safety is key to staying safe when working with and around electricity. To complement and support OSHA’s electrical requirements, NFPA 70E provides the “how” to comply with the “shall” in federal regulations.

1. According to NFPA 70E, Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace, its purpose is to provide a practical, safe working area for employees relative to the hazards arising from electricity use.

Correct Answer: True

2. NFPA 70E covers safety-related work practices for installation in ships, watercraft other than floating buildings, railway rolling stock and aircraft.

Correct Answer: False

3. An arc-rated, head-protective fabric that covers the neck and head except for a small portion of the facial area is a(n) ________.

Correct Answer: Balaclava

4. Identifying hazards associated with the use of electrical energy and taking precautions to reduce the risk associated with those hazards is ________.

Correct Answer: Electrical safety

5. The approach limit at a distance from an exposed energized electrical conductor or circuit part within which a shock hazard exists is the ________.

Correct Answer: Limited approach boundary

6. The amount of current delivered at a point on the system during a short circuit is the ________.

Correct Answer: Fault current

7. What are the elements of electrical safety programs?

Correct Answer: All of the above

8. A person who has demonstrated skills and knowledge related to the construction and operation of electrical equipment and installations and has received safety training to identify and reduce the associated risk is a(n) ________ person.

Correct Answer: Qualified

9. The distance between a person’s face and chest area and a prospective arc source is known as the ________.

Correct Answer: Working distance

10. “Free from any electrical connection to a source of potential difference and from electrical charge; not having potential that is different from the potential of the earth” is the definition of ________.

Correct Answer: Deenergized