A Matter of Class Designations

How well do you understand the latest NFPA 72 requirements for fire alarm pathway class designations? Take this quiz to test your knowledge.

1. There are now _____ classes for fire alarm pathways.

Correct Answer: 7

2. Which class is the most similar to the old Style 7 for signaling line circuits?

Correct Answer: X

3. Which pathway segregates all life safety data from non–life safety data?

Correct Answer: Shared pathway Level 2

4. _____ circuits using physical conductors (e.g., metallic or optical fiber) shall be installed so that the primary and redundant, or outgoing and return, conductors exiting from and returning to the control unit, respectively, are routed separately.

Correct Answer: Class A, Class N and Class X

5. Pathway survivability Level _____ shall consist of pathways in buildings that are fully protected by an automatic sprinkler system in accordance with NFPA 13, with any interconnecting conductors, cables or other physical pathways protected by metal raceways or metal armored cables.

Correct Answer: 1

6. A pathway shall be designated as Class _____ when it is not monitored for integrity.

Correct Answer: E

7. Class _____ pathways require that operational capability on metallic conductors continues past a single short-circuit, and the single short-circuit fault results in the annunciation of a trouble signal.

Correct Answer: X

8. Monitoring for integrity shall not be required for a trouble notification appliance circuit.

Correct Answer: True

9. Where two or more systems are interconnected, the systems shall be connected using Class A, B, _____ or X circuits as described in Section 12.3.

Correct Answer: N

10. Chapter 12 provides requirements for when each class is to be used.

Correct Answer: False