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By William Atkinson | Aug 15, 2017




Certified Multi-Media Solutions, Farmingdale, N.Y., is a low-voltage contractor that has been in business since 2005. With almost 50 employees, the company works with all kinds of customers—airports, schools, hospitals, sports arenas, commercial buildings, malls, big box stores and transportation (including tunnels).

“Our people receive their training through manufacturers, the union and in our office,” said owner Christian A. Peterson III. “We get most of our business through the [general contractors] and consultants we work with on a regular basis, so we don’t do much advertising.”

Peterson has big plans for the company, which is growing rapidly with plans to expand nationwide.

The company recently collaborated with the National Electrical Contractors Association New York City Chapter (NYECA) on the entire technology infrastructure for its new office at 633 Third Ave. in New York. While there were a number of reasons that the NYECA selected Certified Multi-Media Solutions, two relate to the company’s core strengths.

“One thing that sets us apart from most integrators is that we offer turnkey solutions,” Peterson said. “We are able to supply the parts, the smarts and the labor. A lot of other companies provide the parts and smarts, but they have to contract out for the labor. On our projects, we do all of the design, provide all of the equipment and parts, and do the installation as well as the follow-up service. In other words, we do a turnkey solution from design through implementation.”

Another core strength is that the company specializes in specific types of low-voltage work and then goes very deep into each specialty in terms of technical detail. The company focuses on four types of low-voltage work.

Security surveillance systems

The company can install video security and surveillance systems, with secure remote monitoring, which can be accessed with an internet connection. This includes 24-hour motion-sensing surveillance with audio. The technology also assists with intrusion detection while enabling the customer’s software to be configured to automatically record to a hard drive, either on-site or wherever else the customer’s business operates.

Access control systems

The company can provide full-service access control systems that include full installation and integration with card swipes or key fobs. These systems enable customers to control movement into, out of and throughout their facilities. The systems are fully equipped with remote access and easy-to-understand programming, so changes can be made as needed.

LAN/WAN cabling infrastructure

The company provides the latest structured cabling systems with both LAN and WAN backbone cabling as well as complete station locations. This includes detailed testing and certification of all lines.

Complete fiber optic solutions

The company employs a staff of certified engineers and technicians who install and integrate the appropriate fiber optic solutions to ensure ultra-high-speed communications.

On the NYECA project, Certified Multi-Media Solutions handled the internet protocol phones, intercom, cameras, and card-access system; voice; data; the complete conference room and classroom audio/video systems; and the sound system for the office.

“All of these systems are integrated into their computer system,” Peterson said.

Work began in November 2016 and was finished by April 2017. The company remained cognizant of three of its long-term keys to success that it uses on every project it undertakes. First, it worked to maintain a balance between cost and the long-term outlook.

“We always want our projects to be cost-effective, but we also still want to look into the future,” he said. “Our strategy is not to build for the present but to build for the future.”

Second, all of the systems are ­user-friendly on an individual basis and end up being integrated with each other in such a way that the whole combination of systems is user-friendly.

Third, to ensure efficiency, consistency and coordination, Certified Multi-Media Solutions provides one point of contact for all of the parties involved.

“The architect, engineers, GC, owners and everyone else involved in the project all have me as one point of contact,” Peterson said.

That contact involved a lot of detail.

“For example, I worked with the lock vendor on the card access, and we worked closely with those involved in deciding where the TVs and speakers were going to get located to ensure proper height requirements,” he said. 

By doing it all and making it easy for the customer, Certified Multi-Media Solutions offers an appealing service.

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