Recharging the Industry: Weather and Light

By Nov 15, 2009




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Who: J. Ranck Electric, Mount Pleasant, Mich.

Project No. 1: Weather station construction for the Michigan Department of Transportation

Project Partners: Parsons Brinckerhoff Inc. (engineering and design)

Project Details: J. Ranck Electric (JRE) is installing towers that are used to monitor weather and climate conditions on U.S. highways 2 and 41 outside the city of Escanaba in the Upper Peninsula. Each tower collects data, including road conditions, subsurface temperatures and visibility. A camera at the top of each station tower allows Department of Transportation (DOT) engineers to view the actual conditions and compare them to the data collected by the sensors, verifying the results. JRE installed eight new environmental sensor stations (ESS) and updated four existing sites also located in the Upper Peninsula. Initially, JRE performed the site survey and site preparation, then installed all of the equipment and provided wiring including sensors and tower erection necessary to successfully complete the contract completion.

Timeline: Construction started in July 2009 and is scheduled to be completed by the end of December 2009.

Contract Amount: $1,055,282

Project No. 2: Vault relocation at Sawyer International Airport in the Upper Pennisula, Mich.

Project Partners: Mead and Hunt Inc., engineering services

Project Details: For this project J. Ranck Electric completed work at Sawyer International Airport in Gwinn, Mich. This work intends to replace the old lighting system. The project includes installing a new electric vault building as well as a new lighting control system for the runway and airport lighting. JRE wired the control system with fiber optic cable and installed touchscreens to operate the lighting system. The company had up to 25 men on the site to install more than six miles of new conduit and wire to feed the airport lighting system.

Timeline: Construction began in July 2009, and the project is scheduled to be completed this month.

Contract amount: $1,813,519

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