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Susan Casey, author of "Women Heroes of the American Revolution," "Kids Inventing! A Handbook for Young Inventors," and "Women Invent! Two Centuries of Discoveries that have Changed Our World," can be reached at or

Articles by Susan M. Casey

November 2014
Backup power is critical for almost all, if not all, facilities. Design of a backup generator system and its capacity depends on the purpose of a business or facility. Hospitals need a complete backup in the event of a power outage; the lives of patients can depend on it. READ MORE
November 2014
Separated from the U.S. mainland’s electric supply by an ocean, Hawaii is working toward a goal mandated by Hawaii’s Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS), which requires 40 percent of the state’s electricity to be derived from clean-energy sources by 2030.
September 2014
“Today we are building better houses than we ever built before, and part of that component is that we air-seal the houses. It’s the best thing you can do for an occupant, energy-wise, because the cost of heating is reduced considerably, and a house is easier to cool. But there’s a caveat: what comes into the home, stays in it,” said Ken Nelson, northwest regional sales manager, Panasonic. READ MORE
September 2014
Cooperation, coordination and conversation can pay off. That’s what the team behind the energy upgrade of Hilton Los Angeles/Universal City discovered when the hotel underwent a $7 million energy-saving retrofit, the biggest property-assessed clean energy (PACE) commercial project in the nation. READ MORE
  • The meters installed at Logan Airport monitor the use of steam, hot and chilled water, and pumped condensate in order to identify trends, make adjustments based on feedback and save data.
June 2014
The devil, as they say, is in the details. When it comes to reducing energy use and cutting costs at a national and international airport, which details do you target? At Boston’s Logan Airport, Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport), owner and operator of the facility, zeroed in on one opportunity: monitoring energy use of pipes throughout the airport infrastructure. 
March 2014
New York’s Empire State Building (ESB), one of the world’s most iconic buildings, now attracts the attention of even more tourists with the light-emitting diode (LED) upgrade of its tower lights. READ MORE
November 2013
“Warehouse lighting projects are always financially driven,” said Brandon North, 
service manager, Commonwealth Electric Co., an electrical contractor with offices in Nebraska, Iowa and Arizona. “Since they are an upfront investment, the owners want to see how quickly their money is going to turn over. Generally, that’s the biggest hurdle: getting the owners to commit. READ MORE
August 2013
Who wants to be without lights, heat, air conditioning or a working refrigerator? Try asking someone who experienced days of power outage after the Oklahoma tornado or during Superstorm Sandy.
July 2013
Lighting and control technology advances and creative daylighting implementation 
are propelling green lighting practices. ECs are being called on to employ their technical and creative skills 
to install and program new products and technologies. Three very different projects—a new structure and two renovations—are good examples of green lighting schemes.