2016 Electrical Contractor Media Kit

This is Electrical Contractor magazine's 2016 media kit. It is a comprehensive document that contains everything you need to know about advertising with Electrical Contractor magazine.

May 2013
Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp. invited a large group of editors on June 12, 2013, to Milwaukee, Wis., to present the company's suite of new products for 2013.

Brother LabelLink App

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The labeling process is crucial, but it can be time-consuming. A new app from Brother Mobile Solutions and Fluke Networks looks to streamline the process, saving time and money, and increasing efficiency.

With Brother LabelLink, installers no longer need to navigate several different project databases. Now, cable and component identifiers can be stored in a single, centralized data file on Fluke’s LinkWare Live service, and then downloaded wirelessly to Brother PT-E550W labelers and Fluke Versiv testers.

This cloud-based solution enables information to go from the office to the job site in just a few steps. Data only needs to be entered once, which saves time and minimizes errors.

The free app is available in the iTunes Store only. Android support is coming soon. Visit www.BrotherLabelLink.com for more information.

G&G Special Environments' Waterproof Lamp

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G&G Special Environments’ waterproof IP69K lamp has push-and-click connectors and cabling, an embedded aluminum heatsink and a seamless polymeric outershell. It has an 8,000-lumen output.

Cooledge's LED Tile

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Cooledge’s LED tile provides continuous, uniform backlighting. The tile is flexible, modular and scalable. It can be cut and bent. Multiple tiles can be connected together, and up to 50 tiles can be powered on the same LED driver.

Forever Lamp's LED Lamp

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Foreverlamp’s 1,000W plug-and-play LED lamp replaces metal halide lamps. It delivers up to 42,000 lumens and works with existing magnetic ballasts and sockets. It does not require rewiring or reconfiguration to install. 

Forest Lighting's UniV8 T8 LED

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Forest Lightings’ 4-ft. UniV8 T8 LED linear lamp is designed for direct-wire and ballast-compatible applications. It produces up to 115 LPW and is available in 15W and 19W models at 3,500K, 4,100K, 5,000K or 6,000K color temperatures.

ABBLighting's LED BR Lamp

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ABB LIghting’s LED BR lamp is designed to replace incandescent reflector lamps. It is dimmable to 10 percent and has a 105-degree beam angle. 

Lunera's HID LED 360 Lamp

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Lunera’s HID LED 360 lamp replaces metal-halide, high-pressure sodium and LED corncob lamps with E39 or E26 bases that are less than 400W. It is available in ballast- and line-driven models and 8,000 or 5,000 lumens.