2016 Electrical Contractor Media Kit

This is Electrical Contractor magazine's 2016 media kit. It is a comprehensive document that contains everything you need to know about advertising with Electrical Contractor magazine.

May 2013
Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp. invited a large group of editors on June 12, 2013, to Milwaukee, Wis., to present the company's suite of new products for 2013.

FLIR Tools Mobile App

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Mobile apps That have the ability to  integrate with existing tools and systems can give contractors a whole new way to approach the job. The FLIR Tools Mobile app is one example.

The app enables users to stream live video to mobile devices from any compatible FLIR E-Series and T-Series infrared camera, so images can be monitored from a distance. These images can be captured and incorporated into reports, sent to others by email or uploaded to the cloud.

Users also can remotely control FLIR infrared cameras, adjust the temperature span and contrast levels, change color palettes, add temperature measurement tools and more. All of this is accomplished using Wi-Fi.
FLIR also has a new augmented reality app, FLIR Live! Download it from your mobile app marketplace, and try it out.

Solar Edge's PV Branch Cables

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Solar Edge’s PV branch cables are made of double-insulated PV wire and enable the connection of multiple low-power modules in parallel to a single power optimizer. They are designed to reduce the number of power optimizers needed for a given installation. 

Spectroline's EagleEye LED Leak Detector

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Spectroline’s EagleEye LED leak-detection head lamp weighs 8 oz. and has two ultra-high-intensity UV LEDs, a three-LED white light and a built-in fan. It runs on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and has an inspection range of up to 12 ft. 

Underground Devices' Duct Donut Spacers

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Underground Devices' Duct Donut spacers allow for 11/2-in. or 3-in. separations. They can be placed anywhere along the run and are designed to eliminate the danger of shear plane in meeting seismic specifications. 

Ridgid's 12-ton, Manual, Hydraulic Crimp Tool

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Ridgid’s 12-ton, manual, hydraulic crimp tool is designed for wire termination and grounding applications to crimp compression lugs and connectors onto copper, aluminum and ACSR wire and grounding rods. The C-shaped head has a 1.65-in. jaw opening and a 330-degree head rotation. It is large enough for applications up to 1,000 MCM.

Orbit Industries' Stud-Mounting Bracket

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Orbit Industries’ stud-mounting bracket is designed to eliminate the need for an electrical box in low-voltage applications. Available in one- and two-gang models, each bracket can attach horizontally or vertically to the front or side of a stud. It is compatible with Orbit’s SSB and USB adjustable wall brackets for between-stud installations. 

AFC Cable Systems' MC Luminary Multizone Cables

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AFC Cable Systems’ MC luminary multizone cables can replace up to three traditional cables or three power and three control pair cables. Multiple color options and a neutral-per-phase construction are available. 

AutomationDirect's ZIPport Straight-Plug, Mini Cordsets

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AutomationDirect’s ZIPport straight-plug, mini cordsets have an oil-resistant, yellow PVC body and cable jackets, gold-plated copper alloy contacts, nickel-plated brass nut couplings, bare copper conductors and PVC insulation. They can withstand temperatures from –40°F to 221°F.