2016 Electrical Contractor Media Kit

This is Electrical Contractor magazine's 2016 media kit. It is a comprehensive document that contains everything you need to know about advertising with Electrical Contractor magazine.

May 2013
Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp. invited a large group of editors on June 12, 2013, to Milwaukee, Wis., to present the company's suite of new products for 2013.

AFC Cable Systems' MC Multizone Cable

AFC Cable Systems’ MC luminary multizone cable is designed to meet California’s daylight harvesting and dimming requirements. With control for up to three dimming zones, it combines line-voltage electric lighting and low-voltage control circuits within a single interlocked armor. 

ABB Jokab Safety Products' Orion Safety Light Curtain

ABB Jokab Safety Products’ Orion safety light curtain is an optoelectronic protective device that signals equipment shutoff in response to the interruption of its optical beam. It is available in three models, each with a different light curtain or light-grid configuration.

Bridgeport Fittins' Might-Seal Connectors

Bridgeport Fittings’ Mighty-Seal 250-RT2XL connectors are designed for solar-installation projects in which nonmetallic combiner boxes have walls thicker than 3/8 in. They are available in 1/2-, 3/4- and 1-in. sizes, giving them enough threads to attach to thicker walls with room for a ground bushing if necessary.

Southwire Tools' Continuity Tester

Southwire Tools’ Pro 40040S continuity tester has a double-molded housing. It emits a loud, pulsating beep and LEDs flash to indicate a positive continuity. Its bicolor LED determines polarity. A detachable remote indicator is included for tracing multiple cable runs.

Greenlee's G-SSeries Smart Pull

Greenlee’s G-Series smart pull is a real-time cable-pulling monitoring system designed to alert contractors (with physical, visual and auditory warnings) when the pulling force exceeds 80 percent of the manufacturer’s recommended tension limit. It produces a second alert when the pulling force meets 100 percent of this limit.

Bosch Power Tools' Reciprocating Saw

Bosch Power Tools’ GSA18V-083B reciprocating saw weighs 51/2 lbs. and is 153/4 in. long. It delivers an efficient 0.83-in. stroke at up to 3,000 strokes per min. It also has a variable-speed trigger, a toolless blade-change system and an LED light switch lock.

Larson Electronics' EPL-48-2L Luminaire

Larson Electronics’ EPL-48-2L luminaire includes two optional fluorescent lamps protected by heat- and impact-resistant Pyrex tubes and is constructed of copper-free aluminum alloy. It is multivoltage and operates on 120–277V AC. It can be surface- or pendant-mounted.

ICC's Ladder Rack Cable Drop

ICC’s ladder rack runway cable radius drop can be attached to a ladder rung or side rail for parallel or perpendicular cable drops. It maintains the proper 41/2-in. bend radius for copper or fiber optic cables, according to TIA specifications. It works with all of ICC’s ladder racks.