May 2013
Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp. invited a large group of editors on June 12, 2013, to Milwaukee, Wis., to present the company's suite of new products for 2013.


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Arlington Industries’ UV-rated nonmetallic enclosure box meets NEMA 3R requirements for outdoor use. It protects and secures power backups, security devices, and more indoors or outside. It is available in three sizes. The12-in.-by-12-in.-by-4 in. comes with or without a back plate, which allows the installer to mount components even after the enclosure is mounted.


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Southwire Tools’ M500CX4 coaxial continuity tester/mapper speeds troubleshooting and installation by testing and identifying up to four cable TV remote wall outlets at a time. It includes four color-coded remotes. It has an LED display, auto power-off, double-molded housing and test patch cables or installed cables.


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OXX’s Coffeeboxx single-serve, job-site coffee brewer has a UV- and impact-resistant green and black polymer shell and a 2½ liter water tank. It has a 3-ft. retractable cord, an easy-grip rubberized handle, six stainless steel tie-downs, a removable drip tray and separate hot-water dispenser. It is crush-, rust- and spill-proof and dust-, water- and impact-resistant.


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Ideal Industries’ SpliceLine in-line wire connector uses push-in technology to provide a crimp-free, solderless butt splice. The two-port model supports a wide range of either stranded or solid wires, allowing one connector to cover the same wire range as three traditional butt splices. The end-to-end connection of SpliceLine works well with prefab operations and is useful for lengthening short wires in tight spaces. It easily passes through ½-in. knockouts, and the transparent polycarbonate allows for visual inspection, ensuring a secure connection every time.

Portable Table/Workbench Stand

Centipede’s Sawhorse and Centipede Support XL portable, heavy-duty table/workbench base/saw stands are constructed of multiple steel struts that support a large amount of weight. Available in two models, the Centipede Sawhorse supports sheet lumber and table tops with six struts over a 2-ft.-by-4-ft. area, is rated for 1,500 lbs., and folds down to 6-in. by 9 in. The Centipede Support XL has 15 struts over a 4-ft.-by-8-ft. area, is rated for 3,000 lbs., and folds down to 9-in. by 14 in. Polymer P-Tops cover each point of contact; X-Cups accommodate standard 2-by-4s for drop-in setup. Each kit comes in a carry/storage bag.


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Bosch GRL 500 HCK self-leveling rotary laser with remote control kit has digital dial-in automatic slope to constantly maintain the set level, two-in-one receiver-remote functionality and a protective metal cage and an integrated lithium-ion battery. It has a fully automatic, dial-in grade with center line mode for automatic searching and positioning of the laser beam on the receiver. Accessories include a bracket, receiver pouch, charger, tripod and grade rod.


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DORMA Americas’ 9500 Mortise exit device has a 11/8-in. mortise cylinder and is fully compatible with the motorized latch retraction feature, allowing the latch bolt to retract electronically and quietly. It can switch function between 03 storeroom and 08 classroom.


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Nora Lighting’s Nicholas, Waterfall and Ghost LED pendants feature a touch of gold within the decorative glass and are available with a high-lumen,10W LED option that includes a frosted glass shield for even light distribution and dimmable driver in the canopy. The LED module has an architectural die-cast aluminum heat sink for heat management, along with 520 lumen, 3,500K color temperature and 80+ CRI. Models are available in a range of sizes and other color tones. Nora rail, mini rail, track, mini track or canopy mounting options are available. The Nora QuickJack system features pendant cables that attach directly to mounts on monopoint canopies or rail and track systems.

Cable Tie

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Thomas & Betts’ Ty-Rap flame-retardant and Ty-Rap heat-stabilized/UV-resistant cable ties are made of halogen- and silicon-free polyamide 6.6 with a locking barb made of 316 stainless steel. They meet specific application criteria for fire safety in rail transportation and are for use in temperatures ranging from –4°F to 149°F.