Jim Romeo

Freelance Writer

Jim Romeo is a freelance writer based in Chesapeake, Va. He focuses on business and technology topics. Find him at www.JimRomeo.net.

Articles by Jim Romeo

November 2017
In Austin, Texas, monk parakeets nest in power transformers on poles high above street level. The nests become so large they can cause fires and power outages. Workers from the local electrical utility, Austin Energy, use long, insulated poles to carefully remove the nests, making every effort to relocate the parakeets. These unique insulated poles make it possible to safely remove the nests.
October 2017
Lighting technology continues to expand with new products and systems that will benefit commercial and residential markets. Lighting has become smarter and easier to integrate with other systems in homes, buildings and facilities around the world. LED lighting is the vanguard of such technology—it is brighter, cooler, cost-efficient and sustainable with a lower carbon footprint.
September 2017
SunTrust Park is home to Major League Baseball’s Atlanta Braves. With more than 1,350 Wi-Fi access points, 30 LED displays and a 64-by-121-foot centerfield video board, the owners tout it as one of the most technologically advanced in the league.
August 2017
When a 4.6-acre luxury residential construction project was being built on the site of a former hospital, it was quite an undertaking. It included building 373 apartments, food retailers and parking, and the workers had to be sure not to leave out its avant-garde appeal.
July 2017
In 2009, Home furnishings retailer Havertys launched a sustainability program using a data-driven energy-management system to pinpoint inefficiency. After implementing a discrete energy-monitoring system, it was able to reduce overall consumption by 20 percent. Since 2011, the company has improved energy performance by 26 percent. READ MORE
June 2017
When a portfolio of work dried up in 2007 for Components Express, an electrical cable manufacturer in Woodridge, Ill., the company found a market niche and focused on a narrow but specialized line of cables used for video transmission: machine vision cables. It provided excellent quality and built a reputation.
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May 2017
In the United Kingdom, pregnant cows may now be better protected, thanks to sensors. A bright green sensor device strapped to a cow’s tail alerts farmers, through an Internet of Things (IoT) network, that the cow is close to giving birth. This allows farmers to help the cow or intervene with a veterinarian. READ MORE
March 2017
When a dead body was discovered in a hot tub in Bentonville, Ark., in late 2015, detectives looked for forensic evidence in uncommon places. The home was outfitted with smart devices, such as Apple’s Nest thermostat, an Amazon Echo that responds to voice commands and a digital water metering system that could be read remotely. READ MORE
March 2017
Lighting technology has become smarter and easier to integrate wirelessly with other systems. The vanguard of lighting technology, LEDs are brighter, cooler, cost efficient and sustainable with a lower carbon footprint. READ MORE