Jim Hayes

Fiber Optics Columnist and Freelance Writer

HAYES is a VDV writer and trainer and the president of The Fiber Optic Association. Find him at www.JimHayes.com.

Articles by Jim Hayes

April 2017
Six years ago, with no experience as an internet service provider (ISP) or telecom service provider, Google Fiber generated an immense amount of excitement by announcing that the company was going to build a gigabit-speed fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) network for Kansas City, Mo., a city chosen from more than 1,000 applicants. READ MORE
March 2017
I think most people would agree the responsibility for a project’s success or failure ultimately lies with the project manager. I’ve seen quite a few instances of project problems caused by poor management, and many of the help calls we get at the Fiber Optics Association (FOA) indicate the manager’s lack of fiber optics knowledge.
February 2017
Last month, I discussed the growing pains I have seen in fiber optics. Some of the problems have been issues with incompetent subcontractors, but poor network design seems to cause just as many issues. Why is that?
January 2017
The application of fiber optics has been growing rapidly. READ MORE
December 2016
Last month, I discussed making loss measurements with a light source and power meter—what we call optical insertion loss—and the causes of errors in those measurements. The conclusion was that these measurements generally had potential for errors of as much as ±10 percent, a combination of all systematic and random errors.
November 2016
Continuing the thread of measurement uncertainty in fiber optics, this month I discuss measuring the loss of an installed fiber optic cable plant. Optical loss, tested with a light source, power meter and two reference cables, is the most common measurement in fiber optics.
October 2016
Last month, I wrote about measurement uncertainty and metrology, the science of measurements. This month, I get more specific and cover the uncertainty of some basic fiber optic measurements, starting with optical power.
September 2016
When manufacturers are asked what is the biggest problem with installing of fiber optic components and systems, they invariably say “testing.” Practically everything they do depends on testing. During development, engineering and manufacturing in their labs, they test product performance. Testing reveals the most effective installation processes that they document and teach to their customers.
August 2016
Splicing safety mostly follows the same guidelines installers use when installing any fiber optic cable plant. However, there are some special issues to be aware of. You know the routine for working safely with fiber optics: always wear safety glasses when preparing cables or stripping, cleaning and cleaving fibers. READ MORE