Jerald Rounds

Supervision Columnist

Jerald Rounds is the AGC endowed chair and professor of civil engineering at the University of New Mexico. E-mail him at

Articles by Jerald Rounds

July 2009
Customer relations play a key part in the business of electrical construction. A wise electrical contractor once said the main purpose of a business is to make a profit, and the main function of a business is to create and maintain satisfied customers. There are many reasons for an electrical contractor to be in business, but chief among them is making a profit. READ MORE
June 2009
Communication on a construction site is critical, time-consuming and pervasive. It is critical because research has indicated two-thirds of all errors at the job site either directly or indirectly are due to communication-caused problems and difficulties. READ MORE
March 2009
The supervisor typically is the desinated point of contact between the company and outside entities, such as the general contractor, the designer, the owner, other contractors on the site or the contractor’s subcontractors and suppliers. Because of that interaction, the supervisor has a unique opportunity to influence relationships with the customer. READ MORE
February 2009
In last month's column, we explored the sentiment common to supervisors and managers of the construction process that it seems there is not enough time to get everything done. In that article, the first tool is planning. The second tool a supervisor can use to achieve goals is delegation. READ MORE
January 2009
Where does all my time go? I’m working as hard as I can, and I still cannot keep up. There simply isn’t enough time for everything. READ MORE
December 2008
Last month, we began a discussion of project delivery systems (PDS) with the objective of learning how the nature of the PDS affects the responsibilities of the electrical supervisor. The article identified five PDS: design/bid/build, design/build, agency construction management, construction management at risk, and job order contracting. READ MORE
June 2007
Managing resources outsied the span of control READ MORE
April 2007
The challenges and triumphs for managers: READ MORE