Manufacturer Products

Tyco Security Products’ ExacqVision Z-series 4U Hybrid recorder includes eight IP camera licenses and can record up to 128 IP cameras and 64 analog cameras. It can store up to 120 TB with front-accessible storage, continuously record up to 1,200 Mbps of video and simultaneously connect up to 500 remote clients. It is compatible with all ExacqVision network recorders and VMS software.
Moog Sensor and Surveillance Systems’ Remotely Articulated Illumination Device (RAID) system is designed to remotely operate a searchlight. It consists of a base mount, yoke positioner and the MBS-430-MY Maxa Beam searchlight. It is operated through a simple user interface and has “return to home” automatic positioning. The searchlight has an output of 12 million peak beam candlepower.
Ideal Industries’ Test-Tone-Trace testing kit is designed to detect wiring errors within VDV installations. It enables technicians to troubleshoot existing VDV wiring installations; locate cables; test for and identify shorts, opens, miswires, split pairs and reversals; verify patch cables for proper wiring and continuity; and more.
Potter’s noncoded, addressable pull station has terminals so the signaling line circuit can be wired directly to the device and exit to the next device in the loop. It mounts in a single gang box or the Potter P32-BB surface-mount back box. Single- and dual-action models are available. 

Enlighted Inc.’s fourth-generation, intelligent lighting control sensor uses Enlighted’s wireless networking to connect to other sensors and send data back to the cloud. It incorporates a Bluetooth 4.x radio, which can announce presence (supporting Apple iBeacon and Google EddyStone protocols), and can receive Bluetooth data from other devices.
Lutron’s Vive modular, wireless lighting control system enables users to monitor, adjust and manage a building’s lighting system from any smart device. Users can view and display energy usage information, use a weekly calendar to adjust lights and set lighting-reduction levels that automatically respond during peak electricity usage.
Starfield Lighting Automation’s Intelligent Room Integration System (IRIS) is based on artificial intelligence principles. Instead of a central controller and transfer functions, it is a community of independent devices. It is self-setting, maintenance-free and operates stand alone or fully networked. It is designed to be modular, flexible and scalable.
Douglas Lighting Controls’ Dialog room controller is designed for light and receptacle control in offices and classrooms. It is factory-configured, labeled and tested before shipping. The kit includes the Dialog room controller, occupancy and daylight sensors, and wall stations. It also has on-device test buttons for testing circuit wiring and color-coded wires and labels. 

MorphoAccess’ Sigma Lite fingerprint access terminal has a 1-second, 1-to-10,000 user match rate. It can hold up to 10,000 users (30,000 templates), 250,000 IDs in an authorized user list and 1 million logs. It also has antifraud features, including fake finger detection, timed antipass back and duress-finger capabilities.
Toucan Outdoor Security’s preventative, weatherproof, home-security system includes a wide-angle, adjustable HD camera; a passive, infrared motion sensor; a 100-dB remote panic alarm; a two-way communication speaker and microphone; and a smart socket. When movement is detected at the door, homeowners receive automatic notifications and can see and talk with visitors.