Manufacturer Products

Universal Lighting Technologies’ Diversa WOR ceiling-mount occupancy PIR sensor has onboard switches and dials for configuration changes, a tilting lens and a link to a network of up to eight sensors for master/slave control in one area. Additional options include a photo sensor for daylight harvesting, 0–10V dimming and auxiliary relay.
Centralite’s 3315-C water sensor is intended to protect homes against leaks and floods. It should be installed directly on the ground near water heaters, drain pans and underneath sinks. It can detect as little as 0.5 ounces of water and trigger a whole-home water shutoff valve to disconnect the water supply. It is water-resistant to ensure notification before damage occurs to the sensor. 

System Sensor’s SpectrAlert Advance SCR red, indoor, ceiling-mount strobe has selectable settings of 15, 15/70, 30, 75, 95, 110 and 115 cd. It is operational at –40–151°F and 10–93 percent (non-condensing) humidity. 

Kichler’s 16083BK smart landscape lighting controller paired with 
Vera Gateway and app enable users to set zones and schedules for their outdoor lighting. Zones can be programmed to turn on and off at specific times, with events such as sunrise/sunset, when a motion sensor is triggered, on holidays and more.
With Eaton’s All-Pro MS180BT Bluetooth-enabled motion sensor, users can control outdoor security lighting from up to 60 ft. away with an app. It is compatible with any LED or incandescent security lighting product that uses a standard ½-in. threading connection. It has a 180-degree detection area and is available in white or bronze. 

Seco-Larm’s indoor 500DPI optical fingerprint reader and keypad supports up to 500 fingerprints and 500 user codes. It identifies a fingerprint in less than a second. It has a false acceptance rate of 0.0001% and a false rejection rate of 0.01%.
Johnson Controls’ Autopulse Z-20 releasing control system with suppression release peripherals provides actuator supervision and control for use in automatic extinguishing and deluge or preaction releasing systems. Hazard-area initiating and notification devices are controlled using either conventional or addressable circuits. 

Tyco Security Products’ Illustra Flex 2MP PTZ IP camera features 20x optical zoom with continuous auto-focus and 10x digital zoom. It includes motion detection, WDR, auto-defog, backlight control and noise reduction. 

Viking Electronics’ E-32 double-gang, single-button call box is powered over a phoneline and connects directly to a standard incoming phoneline, PABX extension/station or FXS port. The built-in dialer cycles through five preprogrammed phone numbers when the call button is pressed. It can also be programmed to auto-answer an incoming call.

Carrier’s TP-WEM01-A Cor smart thermostat has a full-color touchscreen, heat and humidity management systems, multiple fan speed options, and a one-button quick-settings feature. It provides a four-day forecast, energy reports, replacement (filters, UV lamps, etc.) and maintenance reminders, and remote access.