Manufacturer Products

Eaton’s Cooper Notification IP-network-based ALERiTY line of unified interoperable mass notification systems platform offers full-featured, bidirectional interoperability and integrates with other systems, such as fire alarm control panels, chemical sensors, detection systems and paging systems.
VOLT’s landscape lighting transformer for low-voltage outdoor and landscape lighting features multivoltage taps from 12 through 22V. It has weatherproof stainless steel cabinets, a built-in timer and photocell receptacles, and separate circuits for each 300W circuit. It has toroidal cores, which are energy-efficient and run cooler. 

comCables’ Cat 6 550 MHz UTP jacks are designed to provide transmission performance above 200 MHz and to support the operation of 1 gigabit Ethernet applications. It comes in black, blue, green, ivory, orange, red, white, yellow, gray and purple.
Platinum Tools’ Bongo Ties, which work with cords and cables in virtually unlimited applications, are made of heavy-gauge natural rubber and bamboo. They are 5-in. long, weigh 0.11 oz. and have a maximum stretch of approximately 2 ft.
Honeywell’s Tuxedo Touch controller with total connect remote service provides homeowners control of home automation functions such as lighting, locks and heating, ventilation and air conditioning, and security. It has a full-color, 7-in. touchscreen display that uses a built-in controller to communicate with other devices on the Z-Wave communications protocol. 

Tyco Simplex Grinnell’s Simplex TrueAlert addressable fire notification system applicances enable users to select strobe candela settings either in software or through hardware. Each TrueAlert appliance can be tested individually without disrupting an entire area with an audible signal from every appliance on a common circuit.
Cree’s SmartCast Technology products incorporate integrated ambient light and motion sensors to achieve energy savings. Embedded sensors in each luminaire eliminate the need for upfront sensor layout design and allow for detection of occupants and ambient light. Users can automatically create intelligent groupings with OneButton Setup through the wireless remote.
Acuity’s RC PC IN daylighting controller can be used to control any type of lighting: incandescent, fluorescent, CFL and HID. The sensors work in indoor areas with natural light access. It has four user-adjustable parameters: on setpoint, off setpoint, off setpoint time delay, and ‘hold on while occupied’ mode (if wired with an occupancy sensor).
Steinel America’s HBS 200 and HBS 300 high-bay occupancy sensors operate at 347/480V AC, mounting directly to a high bay lighting fixture or junction box. The sensors use passive infrared technology to sense occupancy. Multiple highly sensitive pyroelectric sensors provide uninterrupted coverage. 

Nora Lighting’s NSpec REVO motorized track heads can be adjusted with a handheld remote, rotated 340 degrees horizontally or 200 degrees vertically. Dimmable to 10 percent, it is designed for use in high-ceilinged sites, where a track head needs to be maneuvered. Radio signals control the fixture, so there is no need to aim the transmitter during adjustments.