Manufacturer Products

Cable Ferret’s wireless, multipurpose inspection camera and cable-pulling tool provides visibility when pulling in cables or cutting access holes. It includes a rechargeable IP-67-rated camera with 6 LEDs, which can be attached to a rod or fish stick, and a 4.3-in. color LCD video display screen.
Southwire Tools’ 1/2-in. EMT conduit bender performs common bends, such as stub-ups, offsets, back-to-backs and saddles. It has a cast-aluminum head with raised markings on both sides, 
a grooved hook, a large serrated step and a swaged-steel handle. 

Legrand’s Cablocut battery-powered cable tray cutter can cut through steel and stainless-steel cable trays up to 6 mm in diameter. It has a dampening system that oils the unit to protect the seals. 

Ideal Industries’ Lil’ Ripper stripper rips the outer jacket of NM cable and clips the outer sheathing to remove the excess. The V-notch strips inner wires and looping holes loop wire for screw-on connections. 

P.A.C.T. Services’ TomKats pipe and cable locator has a micro on/off switch; power, radio and generator mode; sensitivity control; and an audible signal output through a waterproof detachable speaker. 

Klein Tools’ 10-in., 2-in-1 wrench and pipe wrench converts by reversing the removable jaw. The pipe wrench jaw grips pipes and round fasteners with angled self-gripping teeth. Both configurations have a 11/2-in. jaw opening. 

Gardner Bender’s Cable Wraptor cords, hoses and chains organizer has a T-shaped handle, a stainless steel hinge and spring, an easy-release trigger, and a cable-tie looping hole. It is available in four sizes that can carry loads from 25 to 150 lbs. 

Rack-A-Tiers’ Wire Hat 18 in. cable spool keeps wire from unspooling on a stud- or floor-mounted coil dispenser. Multiple coils stack on a single dispenser. It has a location accuracy of ±10% of depth.

Greenlee’s 46800 Kwik Cycle full-cycle, manually adjustable ratchet coaxial cable crimper can accommodate RG-58, RG-59 and RG-62AU cables. It has cushion-grip handles and interchangeable die. 

Hilti’s SDS+ TE 3-C rotary hammer delivers 3,000 rpm, and its hammer-mode produces 5,160 bpm with a 1.8 ft-lb. of impact energy. Its maximum diameter drilling range is 11/8 in. It weighs 6.6 lbs.