Tony E. Beam

Freelance Writer

Tony Beam is director of systems marketing at AMP NETCONNECT Systems. He can be reached at or 336.727.5784.

Articles by Tony E. Beam

September 2002
After almost five years in the making, Category 6 is—believe it or not—now an official standard, having been approved and published. While Category 6 may not have set the record for the longest time required to approve a standard, it may have set the record for the longest time in which the industry supplied prestandard product. READ MORE
August 2002
Previously, I informed you about ongoing activity concerning 10 Gbps Ethernet and a new multimode fiber. In March 2002, TIA approved the standard for this new multimode fiber and probably by the time this article is published, IEEE will have approved the 10 Gbps Ethernet specifications. READ MORE
July 2002
In the March 2002 issue, I reported on the activity within the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) to develop a cabling system in support of building-automation systems (BAS). At the time of writing that article, the document was out for industry ballot. Based on the vote, the draft document was approved and is to be published as TIA/EIA-862 Building Automation Cabling Standard. READ MORE
June 2002
TIA Subcommittee TR-42.3, responsible for developing recommendations for pathways and spaces, recently approved Addendum 6 to TIA/EIA-569-A, officially called ANSI/TIA/EIA-569-A-6 Multi-tenant Pathways and Spaces Addendum. Before, ANSI/TIA/EIA-569-A only addressed the needs of single-tenant buildings. READ MORE
April 2002
Just last month I informed you of the Telecommunications Industry Association’s (TIA’s) efforts to develop a specification for Building Automation Systems (BAS) for commercial buildings. This soon-to-be-published specification represents a significant departure for TIA-TR 42 in addressing cabling and system requirements outside their area of expertise of voice, data and video (VDV). READ MORE
March 2002
TIA TR 41.8.1 is trying to do for building automation cabling what it did for building telecommunications cabling—add structure, standards, and guidelines. TIA TR 41.8.1 is the committee that brought open, structured cabling to the building telecommunications industry via the publication of TIA/EIA-568, now in its third revision. READ MORE
February 2002
Just a little over a year ago, TIA TR-42.1 and TR-42.3 officially decided to change the acronym for the telecommunications room from TC to TR to eliminate confusion and to ensure that the industry realized that a “room” instead of a “closet” was required on each floor of the building. READ MORE