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ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR magazine in print is a controlled distribution. Readers who qualify as employees in the electrical or low-voltage industries may subscribe for free here. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer subscriptions for readers outside of the United States and Canada. Industry participants in our distribution area who do not qualify for subscriptions may secure complementary copies or may qualify for complementary subscriptions. Contact the circulation manager, Astra Hudson, at

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Never fear. With the dynamic nature of the Internet, errors are inevitable. If you’ve found something amiss on our website or have any questions regarding the website, please contact

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Commenting on our articles is easy. You simply need a Disqus account, you can access this at the bottom of any article, or visit Sign up, log in, and then blab away.

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Please use the Pro Tips submission form in the sidebar or email

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You can search our website for the new products that appear in our print issues, but you also can get information direct from the manufacturer by using our Reader Connect tool at

I am a professional wordsmith with technical knowledge of the electrical industry and would like to contribute to ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR magazine.

ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR magazine does not accept unsolicited submissions, or manufacturer- or PR-written articles. All our content is assigned to professional freelance writers or staff members in the fall of the previous calendar year. The only exception to this rule is the Featured Products and New Products sections. To be considered for inclusion in either of these sections, manufacturers are encouraged to forward a press release (two-page maximum) and digital image (minimum 300-dpi resolution) to If you wish to be considered for a specific Featured Products category, please note it in the subject line. Questions about submission guidelines should be sent to Managing Editor Julie Mazur at