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Do you remember in the movie “A Christmas Story,” the dad wins a “major award” that turns out to be a table lamp shaped like a woman’s leg in a mini skirt? Classic! Think of this issue of ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR as a major award on the topic of lighting. Almost all electrical contractors work on it in some fashion, and we have plenty of news for you.

Susan Bloom covers the aesthetic side with a roundup of what’s new in luminaires in “The Shape of Things to Come." I was at an all-day meeting recently and I was afraid the flickering lights in the room were going to give me a seizure. (I know that can’t happen.) Craig DiLouie addresses the problem in “Fighting Flicker.” It’s not the LED; it’s the control, by the way.

Jeff Gavin comes at tubular lighting in two ways. In "Holding Their Own," he writes about the staying power of fluorescent tubes. In “New Player: TLEDs,” we learn about linear LEDs as a competitive alternative to the fluorescents.

Our products guru Hannah Fullmer has gathered a plethora of new lighting fixtures our featured products. And Craig discusses replacing LED drivers in his lighting column.

This month, in the Integrated Systems Contractor supplement, Deborah O’Mara explains how and when to migrate analog video surveillance. William Atkinson introduces us to electrical contractor Ferndale Electric Co., which started a systems integration division in 1994. All the other Integrated Systems Contractor favorites are there, too.

Don’t forget about our subscriber research panel. You can sign up for it at ECmag.com/2016-panel-signup.

Even though we titled this letter, “We’ll Keep the Light on for You,” we rely on you electrical contractors to keep them on for us everywhere we go. For that, we thank you. See you next year.

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Julie Mazur

Julie Mazur is the editor of Electrical Contractor magazine. Contact her at julie.mazur@necanet.org .
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Timothy Johnson

Timothy Johnson is editor—digital for ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR magazine. Reach him at timothy.johnson@necanet.org

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