Welcome to the new ECmag.com!

Over the past year, we’ve thought quite a bit about the content that should be included on a redesigned site, what we need to grow and how to make it more reader-friendly and visually pleasing. You can now expect increased functionality, a unique home page for general industry information and a landing page for the current issues of ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR and SECURITY + LIFE SAFETY SYSTEMS magazines.

For those loyal readers out there, we have expanded our content and will be featuring more than our previous site allowed. New readers will benefit as well, with Web exclusives that will be updated regularly. Need to find a specific article or product? Use our better-than-ever search function. And you can weigh in on a variety of industry topics with our new quick poll.

If you are in charge of purchasing for your electrical contracting company, use our handy streaming commodity prices scroll, which will help you better estimate the job costs and invest in futures. 

Expanded product content, current industry news, live streaming video and information, and more to come! Enjoy your time exploring ECmag.com.

Best wishes,
John Maisel, Publisher
Andrea Klee, Editor

P.S. We welcome your feedback on our new site at
http://www.necanet.org/helpdesk/. Bear in mind that we are still working out some of the technical kinks -- we appreciate your patience!



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