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Dec 15, 2020

We have made it to the end of a very challenging year, and I’d like to congratulate all of you reading this on your perseverance. I’m extremely proud of the performance of our NECA member contractors, as well as our national staff members, field staff members and chapters, for how we have adapted throughout these trying months. We truly embraced our rallying cry: “We got this!”

We have talked more this year about being safe on the job and at home than most of us ever expected. While it was difficult to adjust our practices so quickly, I applaud the commitment our industry showed to doing what was necessary to continue powering the country in a time of unprecedented need. I encourage everyone to take these lessons with us into 2021.

While the industry has always been agile and innovative, this year tested us like never before and left useful tools in its wake. We have implemented new safety procedures and processes at job sites across the country, developed new resources and studies to build on our success, and embraced new ways to interact with our industry. NECA has shown us that we can continue to learn, interact and exchange ideas, even when we can’t meet in person. While I hope we never face another challenge like this again, it has shown us all what we are capable of achieving.

Before we turn the page on this year (which I know we’re all very eager to do!), I want to wish you a very happy holiday and happy new year. We have many achievements to celebrate this year, and we should all look forward to even better things to come in 2021.

About the Author
President's Desk 0419 Photo Credit: Cathy Hodor

Larry Beltramo

Past President, NECA

Larry Beltramo was the president of the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) from April 2019 through December 2021.

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