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Sep 12, 2018

Supporting electrical contractors who perform quality work across the United States is a critical role NECA plays. It’s what we’re all about. Building blocks like recruitment and training early in the process matter.

Apprenticeship is the backbone of our $160 billion industry. On that front, the country’s leading companies and trade associations joined President Donald Trump and other officials this summer for a workforce development event at Tampa Bay Technical High School in Florida. In signing the Pledge to America’s Workers, NECA has pledged to create career opportunities for 60,000 American workers over the next five years. Investing in training and retraining workers for high-demand industries such as electrical construction will help our economy.

Additional efforts are on the horizon. NECA is hosting a special event for apprenticeship programs at NECA 2018 Philadelphia, our annual convention and trade show. The convention begins Saturday, Sept. 29, and Apprentice Appreciation Day will take place the following morning. NECA’s Penn-Del-Jersey chapter and the area’s premier Joint Apprenticeship Training Centers have organized a customized workshop aimed at enhancing and contributing to the needs of professional apprentices working at all levels of electrical construction, from first year to fifth year.

Studies show that every dollar invested in apprenticeship produces $28 in taxpayer benefits. To ensure our industry is sustainable, viable and imaginable, NECA must continue to encourage career development in apprenticeship programs throughout the United States. The future is now.









About the Author
NECA President David Long

David Long


David Long is the current CEO of the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA). From January 2018 through March 2019, he served as NECA's president.

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