Tech Offerings Abound At 2017 NECA Show In Seattle, Oct. 7–10

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Aug 1, 2017

For tech enthusiasts and early-adopters, the 2017 NECA Convention and Trade Show is an excellent opportunity to keep abreast of industry innovations. Nonmembers can attend the NECA Show, too.

As in years past, convention-goers can visit the Showstopper Showcase, sponsored by ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR, where they can investigate 200 of the industry’s latest and 
greatest products. 

In addition to these old favorites, the 2017 NECA Show will also feature the NECA Presentation Theatre, where show exhibitors will present in-depth sessions about products or services, or demonstrate a Showstopper Showcase product.

Also new this year is Techtopia, which focuses on innovative trends and disruptive technology, combining and expanding on two of last year’s popular booths—the Disruptive Technology Pavilion and the Digital Technology Lounge. 

“Now you can find everything in one stop,” said Joey Shorter, Ph.D., NECA’s director of research.

Tech gurus Dahlia El Gazzar and Tess Vismale will return to help ECs with technology at home and work. Visitors can ask questions about smartphones and social media or get tips to increase productivity. 

Techtopia will host industry innovators such as ManufactON, creators of a cloud and mobile solution for prefab production and supply-chain management, and HoloBuilder­, the makers of a web platform for creating and sharing 360-degree views of buildings. Other companies include Rhumbix, FieldWire and Each company will present on their technologies in the Techtopia Theater and be available for questions after. 

Tom Waterman, CEO of Cis-Drones, will also be on hand in a drone-focused section of Techtopia. Attendees will be able to watch drone demonstrations and practice using a drone for themselves. 

“Not everybody is going to accept new technology on the job site, but it’s coming,” Shorter said. “So why not learn as much as you can and apply what works for you? I don’t think robots are going to take over the construction industry, but technology is going to augment it. Those who adopt will get ahead of those who don’t.”

For more information and to register for NECA 2017, visit Use promo code “17ECM” for free admission to the trade show. 

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