Taking Actions and Precautions

NECA President Larry Beltramo sits at his desk
Published On
Apr 15, 2020

News of the global coronavirus pandemic is everywhere you look, and this magazine is no exception. At the National Electrical Contractors Association, it is our responsibility to provide our members with the information they need to run their businesses. The staff has been on the case since Day 1, disseminating safety best practices, distilling government guidance and working on legislation and regulations to protect our contractors, and putting together this issue of Electrical Contractor.

NECA’s online Coronavirus Resource Center includes all relevant government guidance, supply-chain information and details on congressional action. Contractor-specific guidance, such as how to deal with COVID-19 on construction sites, safety best practices and labor FAQs are also available. This material helps remind employers of the OSHA and Department of Labor requirements to protect workers in the workplace from this and other workplace exposures. It is important to review all facts concerning the virus and implement universal precautions to prevent this and other viruses from spreading and affecting workplaces across the nation. OSHA has developed a new employer guideline to prepare workplaces for COVID-19.

At the same time, NECA’s government affairs team is actively tracking legislation and providing feedback to lawmakers on the impact of Congress’s proposals on NECA contractors. NECA has been successful in securing changes to the multipronged coronavirus response legislative package that will provide relief to contractors around the country. We are working with federal agencies such as the Department of Treasury and the Internal Revenue Service to provide financial support for members and their employees and providing our members with regular updates on the progress of these policy changes.

This has been a trying time for the world, but I am proud to be part of an organization that has worked so quickly and effectively to continue supporting NECA members. While our focus has shifted to responding to this virus, it remains on protecting our contractors. I hope you all remain safe and in good health.

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