Sweden Boasts World's First ZigBee City

The city of Goteborg, Sweden, plans deploy the NURI AiMiR Advanced Meter-reading Management (AMM) system to 270,000 homes, the world’s largest ZigBee network.

Goteborg Energi AB, the city’s energy provider, hopes to save millions of euros by eliminating the need to manually read electric meters at homeowners’ premises and be able to bill the actual usage to the customers. Another advantage of the project is it will reduce the impact of the company’s operations on the environment.

NURI’s AiMiR meter-reading unit is integrated with Ember’s ZigBee system and EmberZNet networking software to create a wireless mesh network for remote metering, meaning the customer gets a more accurate energy bill.

“There is great potential for new services that can be offered by the mesh network,” said Tomas Arnewid, Goteborg Energi AB’s project manager.

“Our ZigBee-enabled meter reading units form a complete mesh network, so they can all communicate with each other and route data reliably,” said Gab Sub Kim, NURI CTO. “The ZigBee network can also be easily expanded as new homes are built, or new services need to be added.”

It is an association of companies working together to enable reliable, wirelessly networked monitoring and control products based on an open global standard. It is a non-profit industry consortium of semiconductor manufacturers, technology providers, OEMs and end-users worldwide. Membership is open to all.

For more information, visit www.zigbee.org.   EC




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