Survey Suggests Healthcare Power Systems Unprepared for Digital Age

Findings from a survey commissioned by Schneider Electric suggest that although many healthcare facilities want to take advantage of the Internet of Things (IoT), they’re ill-equipped to do so.

Of the more than 150 healthcare executives and facility managers who represent hospitals, health systems, doctor’s office and clinics, more than one-third (36 percent) responded that their power distribution and management systems were more than five years old. For hospitals specifically, that number jumps to 51 percent. With infrastructure put in place before the IoT gained substantial traction, unsurprisingly, only 18 percent of these facilities have implemented significant IoT-enabled and connected technologies to manage power distribution.

But many facilities managers are looking to make improvements. One in four respondents are not satisfied with their current power distribution system and 23 percent reported concerns about cost reduction, safety (22 percent) and power availability and reliability (20 percent).

Ultimately, more than half of respondents plan to invest in power distribution and management in the next year. But for electrical contractors to capitalize on this, they will have to focus on connected technologies ability to provide patient satisfaction, power availability, reliability, improved safety and financial benefits (respondents top 5 drivers for investing in IoT and advanced power technologies).

At the same time, they will need to hurdle the issue of budget (the number one barrier to implementation cited by 47 percent of respondents) and address respondents’ fears about a lack of knowledge and resources to build and maintain advanced power systems.    

View the infographic below to view more of Schneider’s findings on the IoT in healthcare facilities.   

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