St. Louis EC on Top 20 Women in Construction List

Headshot of Emily Martin
Published On
Dec 9, 2020

St. Louis Construction News and Review honored 20 women in the inaugural “Top Women in Construction.” One of the honorees is Emily Martin, president of Aschinger Electric Co.

Martin has been working in the construction industry for 22 years, and she began leading Aschinger Electric in 2007. She is the fourth generation of family leadership, and under her leadership, revenues have grown 75% as the company has made advancements in technology.

Aschinger Electric is the fifth-largest St. Louis-based electrical contractor, and it is the largest woman-owned EC firm in the region. Martin also serves as governor of the St. Louis chapter of the National Electrical Contractors Association, of which Aschinger Electric is a member.

In addition to these leadership roles, Martin places a high priority on promoting women in the electrical contracting industry. She works to develop the workforce through mentoring and speaking to women and women’s groups about steps to building a career in the construction industry.

“As community leaders and industry pioneers in their own right, each of these women—as determined by a cadre of their peers and colleagues—exemplifies excellence, a hard work ethic, dynamic leadership, creativity, vision, and generosity of time and service to build and encourage future female leaders and help clear a pathway for more women to excel in a traditionally male-dominated industry,” reported St. Louis Construction News and Review.

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