Recharging the Industry: On the Road

Contractor: Bruce & Merrilees, New Castle, Pa.
Project 1: A design/build American Recovery and Reinvestment Act intelligent transportation systems (ITS) project for the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (Penndot) Bucks County, I-95
Project partners: Pennoni Associates (engineering/design) and TransDyn Inc. (integration)
Contract amount: $21.7 million
Details: This project expands and upgrades the existing Penndot ITS network, facilitating more efficient incident response and transportation management and providing information to motorists to improve safety and efficiency along the I-95 corridor. It also enhances Penndot’s cooperation/collaboration with regional stakeholders such as the City of Philadelphia, Bucks County, Delaware River Port Authority and the Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission.
The project spans 21 miles along I-95 and I-676. The following ITS devices and retrofits/upgrades are to be added: 17 closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera assemblies on 50- and 70-foot poles; 10 dynamic message signs (DMS) on sign support structures; 38 vehicle radar detection systems that count and record traffic data; 54 EZPass transponder readers mounted on poles and bridges, which count vehicle speed and travel times through the corridor for congestion management; a fiber optic backbone connecting all devices on the roadway to the existing traffic management center (TMC); and upgrades and installation of video-sharing equipment at the stakeholders TMCs.
Timeline: Construction started in August 2009 and will be completed within 18 months, followed by 24 months of maintenance and service.
Project 2: A design/build ARRA ITS project for Penndot’s Berks, Schuylkill, Monroe and Carbon Counties, Interstates 80, 81, 380, 78
Project partners: URS (engineering/design) and TransDyn Inc. (integration)
Contract amount: $2.9 million
Details: Locations are along I-80, I-81, I-380, I-78 throughout Penndot District 5. This project is an expansion of the existing ITS network in District 5. The following additional devices are to be added to the existing system: 11 CCTV camera assemblies on 50- and 70-foot poles; seven DMS on sign support structures; three highway advisory radio transmitters and static sign assemblies with flashing beacons, so motorists can tune their AM radios to Penndot’s automated traveler information system; and upgrades to the TMC, including connecting CCTV cameras to T1 communication networks.
Timeline: Work began in August 2009 and will be completed by summer 2010.

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