Product Focus--Wire, Cord, and Cable

Portable Cords Superior Essex has introduced the Essex/Royal 105°C Yellow Type SJEOOW and Type SEOOW portable cords. Durable, flexible, and lightweight, the yellow cords are tough, heavy-duty indoor and outdoor general service cords. Construction provides flexible Class K stranding and water and oil resistant thermoplastic-elastomer insulation. Combined with a tough 105°C to -50°C yellow thermoplastic-elastomer jacketing compound, this cord provides extended service life even in the harshest of environments including water, oil, and chemicals. Direct Info Number 210 Metal Clad Cables Southwire Co. offers a broad range of metal clad cables with both copper and aluminum conductors in its new EZ-MC product line. The EZ-MC family of products includes AC and MC cables ranging in size from 18AWG to 750kcmil. Among the product offerings are copper MC, AC armored cable, oversized neutral, isolated ground and multi-circuit cables, and aluminum conductor MC 600 volt cables. Direct Info Number 211 URD Secondary Cable Offering heightened resistance to many of the dig-in challenges faced by URD secondary cable, an advanced performance design has been introduced by CME Wire & Cable. Designated SRS for super resistant secondary, the cable features an inner and outer insulation design comprised of medium density SLP. The outer insulation uses a unique air barrier created by internal ridges that improves resistance to damage by shovels or other offensive mediums. The SRS series is available in single, double, triple, or quad configurations. Direct Info Number 212 Data Cable Belden Electronics Division has two plenum cables with exceptional fire safety performance. The DataTwist cables meet UL requirements for listing as limited combustibles. In addition to fire safety, the cables deliver outstanding electrical performance. DataTwist 5e 1585LC meets Cat 5e, and DataTwist 350 1701LC provides headroom above Cat 5e standards to help accommodate networks today and in the future. Both support 10 Base T, 100 Base T, ATM, and Gigabit Ethernet (1,000 Base T). Direct Info Number 213 Armored Cable American Insulated Wire offers a line of UL listed Type MC interlocking armored cable ideal for industrial applications. The interlocking metal armor increases the cable’s resistance to crush, flame, and accidental cutting. An optional overall PVC jacket adds greater protection against water, sunlight, ozone, oil, hydraulic fluid, and other industrial chemicals and is approved for direct burial. The interlocking design of the armor allows the cable to remain relatively flexible during installation and eliminates the need for conduit. Direct Info Number 214 Retractile Cords Northwire Inc. has introduced custom retractile cords. Custom construction includes TPU, TPR, TPE, olefins, Hytrel, non-halogens, PVC, and fluoropolymers. Conductor selections include standard copper, multiple stranding, and alloys. The retractile cable can be configured for flex life, enhanced environmental and electrical performance. Retractile cable can also be supplied with molded plugs. Jacket colors include 10 standard colors, special color matches, and special colors including fluorescent, luminescent, and holographic glitter. Direct Info Number 215 Rubber Cord General Cable’s Carol Brand Super Vu-Tron III rubber cord is tough enough to be warranted for life. The cord is virtually impossible to tear and provides resistance to heat, cold, oil ozone, and chemicals. It can withstand temperature extremes from 105°C to -50°C and is suitable for applications where OSHA considerations need to be addressed. Direct Info Number 216 Cable Whitney Blake has developed communications cables, cords, and assemblies. The wide range of manufacturing capabilities include both thermoset rubber and thermoplastic products, which allows engineers to select the most suitable materials for each application. An example of their expertise in matching materials and performance requirements is a technologically advanced set of cable assemblies, which were developed in conjunction with a key military supplier that will serve in state-of-the-art military headset communications. Direct Info Number 217

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