Product Focus--Conduit, Raceway, and Armored Cable

Nonmetallic Products Carlon’s system of nonmetallic products for installation of residential low voltage structured cabling includes nonmetallic cabling rackets and boxes, flexible raceway, floor boxes, fittings, and accessories. The Resi-Gard flexible raceway and fittings provide a main chase from the main low voltage distribution panel to a secondary hub in the attic or basement. Available in ¾-in. to 2-in. diameters, with factory installed pull tape in sizes 1-in. to 2-in., the orange-colored raceway is ideal for easy access to add cable or service upgrades, or leave empty for future expansion. Direct Info Number 209 Made-to-order Raceway The Wiremold Co. offers metal raceway built to customer specifications. AnySize raceway is ideal for applications that require non-standard external dimensions, interior compartment sizes, or finishes. Sizes range in width from 2½-in. to 10-in. and in depth from 1-in. to 5-in. Up to four compartments can be created with dividers placed to specification. A dual-cover option is available for independent access to electrical and data/communications compartments. Direct Info Number 210 Conduit Bodies Thomas & Betts has expanded its fittings line to include a complete offering of conduit bodies for ordinary and hazardous locations. Manufactured with explosion-proof Class 60-45 ductile iron, the bodies feature standard O-ring gaskets for NEMA Type 4 applications and include lubricated cover threads for easy installation and corrosion protection. Direct Info Number 211 Connector Bridgeport Fittings Inc. has introduced the SpeedSnap connector for quick, easy, secure installation without the need for tools. Designed with a low-profile body, the snap-in MC/AC/FMC connector can be installed in tight spaces and has a large throat that allows up to four-wire MC/AC installation. The internal spring steel locking ring has gripping fingers that securely clamp the cable in place to assure bonding to cable or conduit, and ring tabs are shaped to accept cable without damaging wire insulation. Direct Info Number 212 Cable Tray Chalfant’s VersaTray wire mesh system is now available with epoxy coating, providing some corrosion protection and practical for installations that require an improved appearance. The system is ideal for routing fiber optic, telephone, computer, communications, and Category 5 cables. The tray installs easily and adapts to any routing layout. Direct Info Number 213 Raceway Panduit Corp. has expanded its line of Pan-Way surface raceway products with the additions of Type TG-70 and T-45. The two-piece, multi-channel-capable TG-70 combines large cable capacity with an aesthetically pleasing design that allows for the direct mounting of NEMA standard faceplates. The systems’ capacity maximizes the number of cables that can be routed within a single raceway channel, while allowing for easy cabling additions and upgrades. The T-45 raceway is a two-piece, multi-channel capable system able to route up to 34 Category 5 cables (eight to 17 workstations) within a compact 2-in. footprint. Direct Info Number 214

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