Product Focus: CCTV and Life Safety

Push-Button Unit Safety Technology International, Inc. offers an advanced, ADA-compliant push-button unit that has been UL/CUL listed for use in fire alarm systems.With “push to activate” and “key to reset” activation, the SS 2000 Stopper Station also features a tough polycarbonate faceplate with the word Fire and flame/fire symbols molded into it and a stainless steel backplate. Direct Info Number 291 Monochrome Cameras The LTC 0350 series from Philips Communications & Security Systems are compact, rugged, 1/3-in. image format monochrome CCD cameras. Their high sensitivity and reliability provide optimal performance for security applications. With 570 TVL horizontal resolution, both the CCIR and EIA RS-170 versions are available for direct mains voltage supply and AC/DC low voltage supply. Direct Info Number 292 PIR/CCD Camera Detection Systems offers the CAM940 PIR motion detector with built-in camera. The integrated camera with the security sensor is complete with timer and relay outputs for alarm and VCR control. Selectable modes for either switcher or PIR control of the camera offer a lower current draw option. The pinhole camera has 0.4 Lux light sensitivity and 380 TV lines of horizontal resolution. Direct Info Number 293 Emergency Lighting System Appleton presents a non-metallic emergency lighting system designed for highly corrosive, hazardous locations. The N2LS Series emergency/lighting system is rated NEMA 3R (raintight), and offers the versatility of remote or direct mounted fixtures. It is ruggedly built from compression molded, fiberglass reinforced polyester, formed with a continuous silicone gasket. The housing design permits the attachment of single or dual, 8W or 12W halogen sealed beam heads. Capable of providing up to 90 minutes of emergency operation, the N2LS series fully complies with the NFPA Life Safety Code. Direct Info Number 294 Fire Detection Notifier has launched a line of technologically innovative fire detection products—the Onyx series to provide simple solutions to complex fire alarm needs. The series includes fire alarm control panels and peripherals such as detectors, power supplies, and audio transponders. All products have a sleek black patterned look, along with state-of-the-art network panel and peripheral device designs. Direct Info Number 295 Camera Server Axis Communications has the 240 camera server to provide remote monitoring of images over a network. It allows connecting up to five video cameras directly to any Ethernet network, intranet, or even the Internet. Authorized users can then monitor sites from anywhere through a web browser. The unit can be used for general surveillance, badge recognition, enhancing security at construction sites, and a host of other applications. Direct Info Number 296 High-resolution Camera Kalatel has developed the CyberDome, an integrated color and monochrome camera that features simple keystroke selection, 18X optical zoom lens with auto focus, three lux color sensitivity, 0.2 lux monochrome sensitivity, and 2X-4X electronic zoom. This camera works around the clock to ensure surveillance needs 24-hours a day. Direct Info Number 297 CCTV Cabling NHC/MuxLab offers its newest VideoEase CCTV-AV Hub for the baseband audio-video and CCTV cabling environments. The CCTV-AV Hub allows one audio-video or CCTV source to be distributed to up to either destinations via Cat 5 twisted pair, eliminating numerous bulky and costly coax cables in security and surveillance and audio-video applications. Direct Info Number 298 Multi-Sensor The XP95-M analog addressable multi-sensor (XP95-M) from Gamewell Worldwide provides the highest effectiveness in smoke detection by utilizing the latest microprocessor technology and enhanced algorithms. It includes both photoelectric and thermal sensing elements integrated into a single device and is capable of digitally transmitting not only its address to the FACP (fire alarm control panel), but also combined data consisting of an analog value from both the photoelectric chamber and the thermal element for analysis. This feature delivers enhanced performance and false alarm reduction. Direct Info Number 299 Addressable Fire System Silent Knight’s IntelliKnight system has addressable sounder, relay and isolator bases, plus an enhanced duct detector with built-in relay and test switch. These accessories meet new application requirements easily and competitively, and make installation and maintenance simple and economical. The ResponseGuard simply and effectively main system performance, continuously monitors xxx operation, performs drift compensation, controls detector sensitivity, and performs an NFPA 72-compliant sensitivity check. Direct Info Number 300 Encoder/Decoder System Indigo Active Vision Systems has the VB4000 encoder/decoder system that digitizes video straight from the CCTV camera. The system inter-operates within analog CCTV systems to deliver digital quality full-color video at 30 frames per second across local- and wide-area networks, wireless networks, and Internet links. Multicast technology allows video and audio streams to be accessed by multiple users. It comes with ready-to-use software applications for system configuration and administration, viewing and recording functions. Direct Info Number 301 Residential Observation System Pro-Video by CSI-SPECO has the Resi-Cam residential observation system that allows home monitoring from a designated television set. Available in black and white (Resi-200) and color (Resi-600), the system includes a CCTV camera with a built-in PIR motion sensor. When the camera detects motion, a bell chimes, and images are sent to the television through a 65-ft. cable. Direct Info Number 302 CCTV Transceivers Network Video Technologies offers UTP Campus transceiver products for transmitting CCTV over unshielded twisted pair wiring. They are immune to interference from neighboring electrical sources, and fit into a common media topology with telecom, datacom, and access control. The transceivers deliver full-color, real-time CCTV at point-to-point ranges up to one mile. Direct Info Number 303 Camera Series Panasonic Security Systems Group (SSG) has introduced a black-and-white camera series designed to provide security professionals with an economical solution for a variety of surveillance applications. WV-BP140 series cameras employ a high performance 1/3-in. CCD to produce a horizontal resolution of 380 lines with a signal to noise ration of 46dB, as well as a host of image adjustment features. It is available in 120V AC, 12V DC, and 24V AC models with internal/external synchronization. Direct Info Number 304 CTV Camera Silent Witness has upgraded its V27 ArmorPlate camera. Marketed as the V27Plus, it boasts a quick-change lens pack, a distinctive hinge, an improved camera board, and an integrated twisted pair solution. The hinge allows the lid to be attached to the base during installation thus leaving the installer’s hands free to connect the camera. Direct Info Number 305 Notification Devices System Sensor’s SpectrAlert dual strobe series was developed for use where two-stage visual notification is required for life safety, as well as other applications for two-stage visual notification. The series is UL 1638 listed and can be customized. Housings are available in red or white, with the strobes available in a variety of colors, including red, amber, blue, green, and clear. Direct Info Number 306

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