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Junction Box Connector A junction box connector with clamp technology is offered by Weidmuller Inc. Its innovative design cuts installation time by 40% and requires a minimum of space in junction boxes. The terminal also offers permanent and safe push-in connections for solid copper wires in a broad clamping range, for 18-16 AWG and 14-12 AWG wire sizes. The junction box features color coding across the entire clamping range. Direct Info Number 290 Faceplate Family ICC presents product additions to its Classic series of faceplates. New faceplates include additional port configurations, as well as angled bottom ports which reduce cable strain and offer a lower profile. Faceplates with built-in station ID allow for easy circuit identification at the work station, while pre-configured faceplates add convenience by supplying connector combinations in a single package. The series includes eight- and nine-port double-gang faceplates. Direct Info Number 291 Surge Suppressor A cost-effective surge protection solution from Square D is available to protect sensitive electronic equipment from transient over-voltages. The I-Line plug-on unit with SurgeLogic TVSS plugs onto an I-Line panelboard or switchboard bus stack like a circuit breaker, saving labor time and material costs compared to other wall-mounted products. Direct Info Number 292 Cable Height Meter Using ultrasonic signals, the CHM2000 from Jensen Tools determines the height of overhead cables and wires without contact. It’s designed to measure the height of the lowest or highest cable and give the distance between up to six cables. The meter operates on telephone, power, CATV and street lights. Built- into the unit is an air temperature measuring port directly connected to the microprocessor to maintain accuracy at any temperature. Direct Info Number 293 Outlet Boxes Panduit Corp. has introduced Fast-Snap surface mount outlet boxes. The boxes are available in single-gang and double-gang versions to meet a variety of communications and power applications. Both accept Snap-On faceplates, requiring no screws or tools for faceplate installation. The single-gang box version is provided with adhesive backing and is suitable for communications applications. The double-gang version will accept two single-gang faceplates and is rated for both power and communications applications.Direct Info Number 294 Network Wiring Pass & Seymour/Legrand presents the FiberSmart product line, a seamless fiber solution for a variety of applications, including fiber to the desktop, throughout a building, outside or for an entire campus. The line includes fiber management products, interconnect products, accessories plus test and termination equipment which meet the highest standards. For example, the NEMA series wall-mount enclosure meets NEMA 3 rating requirements which provide for a degree of protection against sleet, windblown dust or rain and ice formation on the outside. Direct Info Number 295 Wire Placers has launched a line of push-pull rods that assist installers in placing wire and cable above ceilings, through conduit and behind walls and crawl spaces. Each set of rods includes four nonmetallic/non-conductive 5-ft. rods that easily connect to create a 20-ft. span with controlled flexibility. The kit includes three different accessories for attachment to the end of the pole—a pulling eye, a magnetic locator/retractor and a self-directional “grabit” hook. Direct Info Number 296 Wall Switch The Watt Stopper offers its newest automatic wall switch, the WI-300 dual relay wall switch. It is a passive infrared (PIR) wall switch that turns lighting on and off based on occupancy and ambient light levels. With two separate relays, it is capable of controlling two independent lighting loads or circuits simultaneously. In addition to the dual control capabilities, the wall switch features two Auto-Off push buttons on the front of the sensor that enable manual or automatic operation. Direct Info Number 297 Outlet Boxes Allied Moulded Products has a line of thermoplastic outlet boxes with the largest cubic inch capacities in their class. Named Flexbox, these nail-on outlet boxes are also available with industry accepted quick thread device holes that allow mounting a device with a simple bump of a screwdriver. The 24.0 cu. in. single gang, 43.5 cu. in. two gang and 64.0 cu. in. three gang feature molded-in speed “K” klamps which positively secure the wire without any tools needed. Direct Info Number 298 Connector Anderson Power Products (APP) has introduced an innovation in connector installation for repair sites and field service applications. APP’s Fuselok connector features a contact that contains pre-measured amounts of solder and flux to allow rapid, easy installation. The connector is available in 175A and 350A, 600V and has continuous AC and DC operation to fit cable sizes from 2 AWG up to 4/0 wire sizes. Direct Info Number 299 Wall Switches Cooper Wiring Devices presents commercial grade passive infrared (PIR) motion sensing wall switches. Designed for use in small offices, conference rooms, classrooms, lounges and storage areas, the motion-sensing switches provide energy savings by automatically turning lights off in unoccupied rooms. They meet California Title 24 requirements for energy conservation. Direct Info Number 300 Surge Protective Receptacles Leviton’s line of industrial and hospital grade surge protective receptacles now feature back and side wiring options for more flexible, speedy installation. The Decora-styled receptacles provide hard-wired, point-of-use surge protection for electronic equipment used on 15A and 20A 125V branch circuits. They are AC horsepower-rated from .5 hp at 15A 125V AC to 2 hp at 20A 125V AC. Devices are available in conventional ground and isolated ground versions. Direct Info Number 301

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