Pro Tips: Unclog and Repurpose

Shutterstock / Bennian
Shutterstock / Bennian
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Mar 15, 2021

First place: Unclog the holders

When using magnetic bit holders, I find that metal filings clog the holder. So I keep a small piece of duct seal putty nearby. Just pushing the bit holder into the duct seal cleans all the metal filings, and then I’m back to work.

Paul Levenberg
Mountainside, N.J.

Useful torch

Chuck Bianco
Chuck Bianco

We keep a small torch on our trucks, and we have found many different purposes for it, including freeing bolts and bending metal snake ends. Any hot work permits and fire extinguishers should also be present and properly filled out if required, of course.

Chuck Bianco
Milltown, N.J.

Remove dried caulk from hands

If you have dried caulk on your hands, first, try to scrape off as much as you can with your fingertips. For any stubborn caulk that remains, rub butter all over your hands. Next, apply baking soda to your hands and rub them together. The butter will lubricate and loosen the caulk while the baking soda will act as a gentle abrasive agent to scrub the caulk away. Use regular hand soap to wash off any oily residue left behind by the butter. Now you’ll have soft, clean hands.

Brian G.
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