Pro Tips: Revising and Unsticking

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Feb 15, 2021

First Place


If, by accident, I drill a hole too small with a hole saw, I take cardboard or a similar material and drill a bigger hole in it for a guide. Then I hold it over the existing smaller hole to guide a new start, and then I cut the material to the new, correct size.

Ernie Decker

Arlington, S.D.

feb protips_ernie decker

Unsticking business

If you ever have a Tapcon strip out in masonry wall or a screw-in panel cover or metal box strip out, insert a plastic tie into the hole and reinsert the screw. It works for me every time.

Charlie Francis

Cape Coral, Fla.

feb. protips_charlie francis

Oldie but goodie

Attracting the mess

When I was drilling into electrical panels with delicate, printed circuit boards, I noticed that metal chips pose a serious issue because they fall into the circuit board. I carefully use a round magnet with a 11/8-in. hole in the middle. Then, all the metal shavings attach to the magnet, not allowing any shavings to fall into the panel. Magnets from old speakers work great for this purpose.

Bill Boone

Chicopee, Mass.

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