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Nov 15, 2019

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A little dab’ll do

When using plastic anchors in cinderblock, concrete or tile walls, I apply an instant-grab glue to ensure the anchor does not pull out. An electrician knows that the plastic anchors pull out over time.

--Jim Marshall
Accokeek, Md.

Bristles of a Wire Bristle protection

Have you ever reached into your toolbox or bag and gotten poked by the bristles of a wire brush designed to go on a cordless drill? Simply store your wire brush inside a roll of duct tape and no longer get poked! It also saves space.

--Matthew  Burton
Comer, GA.


FACP troughFire alarm.

When installing a fire alarm system, I put a trough above the fire alarm control panel (FACP). From there I can pipe up into the ceiling behind the wall. This 12-in.-deep trough is half in and half out of the wall. There are two riser pipes behind the wall. This example is in a GMP clean room at a pharmaceutical facility. I can come down to my notification appliance circuit panels and FACP and also come out for as many modules as necessary. And there’s room for growth, considering that change orders or authority having jurisdiction mandates often come in at the last moment. It also eliminates nippling between panels.

As seen in the picture, I prefer to run the 120V power wiring behind the wall and to directly above where the panels will be before the Sheetrock is installed. This means my power wiring raceways don’t interfere with my low-voltage raceways. This I do partly because the fire alarm panels are very specific as to which knockouts can be used for power, Class 2, etc.

So when all is said and done, the panels are correctly, neatly and aesthetically installed.

--Peter White
East Brunswick, N.J.

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