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Don’t get the pointNeedle Tip Probes

For anyone who has ever been stuck by the sharp tips of the needle tip probes when using a multimeter, this one’s for you. The protective rubber tips that come with the probes are usually lost soon after you start using the probes. This solution will prove more permanent. Take a piece of No. 14 wire with rubber insulation (neoprene from SO cord works great) and strip off two 5/16-inch pieces and slide them over the tips of the probes. Slide the rubber pieces back toward the handles to expose the sharp tips. When not in use, slide the pieces back for safe storage.

--Tony Tonon
San Francisco


I find it helpful to take pictures and videos to record installation and retrofitting processes for training purposes. This saves time, and we use these photos and videos to help new technicians learn the steps, processes and safe shortcuts on the job.

--Dan Lapine
Portland, Ore.

Fall in place

When using a micro USB cable to charge your cellphone, or any measuring device, you must plug the cable in at the correct direction. It usually has an indicator on the plug end, and plugging the cable upside down could destroy the receptacle. To fix this problem, I cut a small piece of colored adhesive tape in a contrasting color and applied it to the plug. This ensures proper placement and does not cost extra.

--Barry caesar
Palmer, Neb.

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