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Jun 9, 2020

First Place

Scoop it all upSeveral metal screws stuck to a magnet as it peeks out of a toolbelt pocket.

For loose screws hiding at the bottom of my tool belt, I leave a magnet in the pouch to gather them up. It makes it easier to get them out and prevents them from rolling out if I put the belt down at an odd angle. I also tend to attach one to what I’m working on to grab the screws as I disassemble things. And lastly, by grabbing the magnet in my needle-nose, I have an emergency pickup tool. 

Robert Connaghan
Marlboro, N.J.

Clean house

Instead of sweeping up the floor after drilling, I keep an umbrella in my truck to catch all the debris. It works like a charm, and it saves much cleaning time. It also serves another purpose. In case it rains, it will keep you dry, too. 

—Chuck Grady
New Richmond, Ohio

Idea Igniter

Dig Safer

What are some innovative and safe ways to perform underground installations while saving time and money? How do you manage your tools and drawings when working outdoors where getting dirty
is part of the job? 



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