Pro Tips: Metal Filings and Speedy IDs

Published On
Dec 15, 2021

First Place Tie: Catching drill filings

When drilling into metal cabinets, troughs or control cabinets, put your magnetic torpedo level into a plastic bag and run it over the fiilings. In addition to a secure method of catching the filings below any hole being drilled into metal, a magnetic torpedo level encased in a plastic bag can pick up metal filings after the hole has been drilled. Once captured, the metal filings can be easily disposed of safely by removing the plastic bag from the level and carefully turning the bag inside out. The filings are gone, and none are in your fingers.

Robert D’Ercole

Ramsey, N.J.

Quick identification method

Instead of going through every drawer to find what I want, I tape a picture of the item on the face of the drawer or attach the item for quick identification. Now it’s a quick and easy find when I search for something.

Darren Wipf

Winfred, S.D.

darren wipf
Darren Wipf

Oldie but goodie

Scope in your pocket

I recently found myself trying to fish out an MC that had been buried in a wall for a television plug. I could feel it on the end of my snake, but it was stuck. I could have grabbed my inspection scope, but instead, I reached into my pocket and took out my smartphone. I put it on video and turned the flash on, and I instantly had a handy pocket scope. I had more control than with a traditional scope and a better viewing screen. Once I saw what the MC was caught on, I easily retrieved it.

Peter Renzi

East Greenwich, R.I.

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