Pro Tips: Markings and Communications

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Apr 15, 2021

First Place

Make your mark

After completing rough on large-scale projects, we spray-paint the base of the walls at each box location. This allows us to find it later when it’s buried by sheet rock, and then we have the opportunity to double-check our installation. I would definitely think we are not the only ones doing this.

Mike Cornelius

Sterling, Mass.

april pro tips

Oldie but goodie

Software keeps team in the loop

We implemented a policy that all of our foremen have a tablet on-site. We bought software that enables our company to create a “project” and assign its users specific duties. With this software, we save all job information in organized folders. Every document uploaded for a project is viewable on the foreman’s tablet or the project management’s desktop. The best part of this software is any document can be drawn or notes can be made. Updates to drawings can be saved on the documents. Any time a new document has been uploaded or changes have been made to an existing document, an email is sent to the users of the project to notify them of changes. This sort of software can take your communication to the next level without all of the paper copies.

Cody Siebrandt

Lincoln, Neb.

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