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Oct 15, 2020

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Tool protection

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My idea is to help protect one of the tools I use the most. As electricians, we still use the 6-foot, folding, wooden rulers for certain projects. When I get a new stick ruler, I take clear nail polish and coat the first 7 inches of the ruler. This will keep the numbers from wearing off with time, which gives the ruler a longer life.

Bill Boone Chicopee, Mass.

Oldie but goodie

Can you dig it?

When digging trenches for an electrical installation, it is beneficial to mark shovels at different depths. For example, making marks at the common depths, such as 18 and 24 inches is useful. These marks can be done with electrical tape or markers. This will save the time of constantly measuring to see if you are at the correct depth.

Gene Casstevens Sherman Oaks, Calif.

Idea igniter

Building excellent fire alarm systems is an important and necessary job. Some people seem to be able to start a fire alarm system with little to no trouble. Share with us your tips and tricks for mastering fire alarm systems.

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