Pro Tips: How Do You Plan?

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Jan 15, 2021

First Place: Plan ahead

Working with plans in the field today usually entails buying an expensive tablet device and trying to keep it clean and safe. The advantage is that users can blow up detailed areas to see them better. The major drawback is trying to see the “big picture” of the whole page. These also count on a scan or PDF of plans (which can be expensive), software to read it and difficulty “slip sheeting.” I keep a full trade set of A0 or A1 size paper plans and a heavy-duty sheet of clear Mylar. I roll out the page and set the Mylar on top. For smaller plan sizes, I keep a sheet of plexiglass to fit.

Gene Casstevens
Sherman Oaks, Calif.

Clamp down

Using a Bessey C-clamp to hold up a pipe or EMT works great when you are up on a lift or ladder. It also replaces an extra set of hands that would have to hold up the pipe or EMT.

Jamian Waldner
Winfred, S.D.

Idea Igniter: Save install time

What are some safe, effective installation shortcuts you use often? Saving time is necessary on a busy job site. Share your time-saving tips with us.

Oldie but goodie: A ‘decorative’ filling method

When filling some explosion-proof fittings, it’s hard to pour the cement into the 3/8-in. hole. My solution: Get a cake-decorating bag from the dollar store. Snip the end and it helps to make a fairly neat job. It creates no waste, and you get most of the cement right in the hole.

Michael Ziegler
Keyport, N.J.

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