Pro Tips: Covering the Coil

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Jun 15, 2021

First Place: Protecting rebar tie wire

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When doing underground conduit work, you always seem to need rebar tie wire to secure conduit for the concrete pour. To protect the fresh coil of rebar wire, I cover it fully with duct tape, then cut a hole in the center and pull out the wire from the center of the spool. This keeps the wire from rusting, and if you drop the spool, it stays intact.

Andy Folgmann

Canton, Mich.

Oldie but goodie

Installation shortcut

As we all know, when installing a ground-fault circuit interrupter outlet, you have to ensure you put the line- and load-side wires under the correct screws. Instead of totally removing the little yellow sticker tape that covers the load-side screws, just pull the yellow strip back far enough to uncover the screws and install the load-side wires. If you remove the strip, you have to turn the outlet and find which screws go up the line or load. By leaving the yellow strip partially on the back, it is easy to see which screws go to the load side.

Kim Duersch

Salt Lake City

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How do you stay clean?

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What are some ways to keep yourself and your tools clean when you are outside and working in the elements all day? Share your safe strategies with us!

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