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Plugging in color

Have you ever tried to plug in something at a temporary power distribution center job site and forgot what cord goes to each power tool or other equipment? Depending on the length of the extension cord, it may be a long walk back to find out. I use colored tape to identify the plugs for various power equipment to make it simpler and quicker on the job. The trick is to remember what color goes with each tool. Labels would also work if you run out of colors or can’t remember what color is assigned to each tool.

--John Hemmings
Charleston, W. Va.

Coin toolsCoins

Coins are great tools in stabilizing toilets and no rust emerges when mopping around them. Also, coins work well as washers if you need extra and are in a pinch. 

--Louie Tammaro
Harriman, Tenn.

Sealant Sealing away

Are you tired of dealing with sticky bars of duct seal that really don’t stick or seal? Here’s a guaranteed unique way to seal off underground conduit raceways or guaranteed feeder raceways entering a building. I use a can of insulating foam sealant to spray the top of the raceway and let it set. It expands and seals the entire raceway and makes it completely airtight. It also prevents condensation and airflow while keeping dirt and other junk from falling into the raceway.

--JJ Waldner
Faulkton, S.D.



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