Power Sources and Regulators

Cycle Timer Tork’s NEMA 4X rated electronic ACT120SFS adjustable cycle timer is ideal for harsh conditions and is capable of cycling electrical loads repetitively in minimum increments of 2 seconds to maximum increments of 62 seconds for both the On and Off. The unit’s flexibility offers 31 different On times and 31 different Off times, all field-selectable. Settings are simple with just two control knobs. Direct Info Number 307 Online Power Supply Tools Sola/Hevi-Duty provides the innovative power supply product selector. This online tool lets a user enter the requirements (input and output voltage, output current rating) and the system will list the power supplies that fit the parameters entered. Select from a wide range of new products such as Sola’s number one SDN DIN rail line with global single phase or three phase inputs. Direct Info Number 308 Central Power Source Custom-designed and manufactured, Hill Phoenix PowerCenter pre-assembled central electrical distribution units significantly reduce construction cost and time for new stand-alone buildings intended for supermarket, retail, manufacturing, data center, and warehouse operations. Each PowerCenter is a complete integrated electrical distribution solution in a convenient fully enclosed custom-designed package that is weather-, vandal-, and animal-proof. The units can include any combination of pre-wired, high-quality UL and CSA certified electrical components. Direct Info Number 309 Power Transfer System Eaton Corp.’s Cutler-Hammer and Briggs & Stratton Corp. have introduced an emergency power transfer system kit for residential applications. The system enables the manual transfer of selected circuits from the breaker panel to an emergency generator during a power loss. The kit includes a manual transfer switch that is UL 1008 listed, a power inlet box, and a 10-ft. power cord. The manual transfer switch carries a five-year product warranty and is available as a six-circuit, 20A unit suitable for generators up to 5,000W; a six-circuit and 10-circuit, 30A unit for generators up to 7,500W; and a 10-circuit, 50A unit for generators up to 12,500W. Direct Info Number 310 Power Supplies/Chargers Seco-Larm USA has the Enforcer 2406 series of compact design power supplies/chargers. These power supply/chargers convert low-voltage AC input power to low-voltage DC output power and are used in a variety of security, access control, CCTV, and many other applications. The low-operating-temperature systems provide switch-selectable, regulated, and filtered DC voltage output, with short circuit protection, thermal protection, and compensation. They also feature a built-in backup battery charger with fused protection which switches to backup battery automatically in case of power loss. Direct Info Number 311 Modular Power Supply Lambda has introduced the Vega series power supply, designed as a standard configurable product. It uses off-the-shelf modules and converters that can be quickly assembled to meet custom output specifications, eliminating the need for high cost, long lead-time custom power supplies. High reliability was accomplished in two areas by lowering the overall component count and through the use of a single PCB design in both the front end converter and output module stages. Direct Info Number 312 Switchboard Siemens Energy & Automation, Inc. has introduced the pre-assembled, pre-wired PowerWall switchboard, an all-in-one electrical cabinet for housing power distribution gear, as well as control circuits, power monitoring devices, lighting controls, HVAC controls, revenue metering, and other systems and devices. Designed for multi-side retail facilities, but applicable for any installation where an integrated equipment design is desired, the switchboard comes pre-configured according to need, reducing contractor installation time. Direct Info Number 313 Web Server ASCO Power Technologies presents a thin web server with its embedded SiteWeb data server. It is an HTTP server that provides power transfer, control, and power monitoring information to multiple remote clients over an intranet/Internet via a TCP/IP protocol stack in real time. The server logs and e-mails critical alarm information from its connected devices to its non-volatile memory. The system allows onsite power systems to be remotely controlled real-time from anywhere using a standard PC and Internet browser. Direct Info Number 314 DC Power Supplies Completely electronic and regulated, the Phaseo DC power supplies (ABL7) from Square D provide integrators and panelbuilders with a compact, highly stable DC voltage output. The units have dependable integrated overload, short circuit, and overvoltage and undervoltage protection. They are accurate to 3% regardless of the load or type of supply voltage within the range of 85-264VAC. The DC power supply will accept 85VAC to 264VAC input voltages and meets CE, CSA, and UL standards. It is available in 12VDC and 48VDC versions, with output currents up to 10A and will operate with either 50/60 Hz. Direct Info Number 315 Telecom Gensets DCathlon telecom gensets from Cummins Power Generation are designed to provide either 24V or 48V DC backup power for remote terminal cabinets, wireless networks, or cable applications. Powered by natural or LP gas, the gensets significantly increase reliability of telecom installations while reducing the number of batteries required to maintain service during utility power outages. Available in 3.0 kW, 4.5 kW, and 5.5 kW, the gensets feature sound-attenuated and lockable aluminum enclosures that resist corrosion and tampering. Each unit is microprocessor controlled with a variable speed engine to further reduce noise for applications in residential or commercial areas. The unit can issue four types of alarms through the control network: major, minor, run, and intrusion. An annunciator panel on the unit assists in troubleshooting 16 operating conditions and provides additional alarm contacts for each alarm type. Direct Info Number 316 DC Power System American Power Conversion (APC) offers the MX06-100, an easy-to-install, modular DC power system capable of supplying up to 105A at 48V DC for wireless, customer premise and distributed network applications. Designed with the customer’s current and future requirements in mind, this power system can grow with the users needs, allowing them to add power in 10A increments. Direct Info Number 317 Modular Power Supplies Behlman has the IMT series DC-DC power supply modules. They are low-cost, high-performance, high-reliability versions of industry standard bricks. The modules operate at a fixed frequency that makes EMI filtering easier. They use flat transformer technology that distributes power among multiple cores. This results in lower leakage inductance and inter-winding capacitance. Direct Info Number 318 Generator Sets Kohler Power Systems has a line of 13 new generators sets, ranging from 20 to 170 kW. The Rozk generator sets, which feature EPA-certified Deutz diesel engines, complement Kohler’s line of John Deere-powered generator sets. They provide onsite power for standby, prime, or energy management applications for customers in telecommunications, agriculture, health care, hospitality, government, utility, retail, and industrial facilities. Direct Info Number 319 Protected Power Supplies Entrelec’s expanded line of fully enclosed switching power supplies ranges from 5V to 48V DC, 0.3A to 20A, regulated. All supplies have overload and short-circuit protection with automatic recovery. This feature eliminates the need for maintenance personnel to replace fuses in the event of a load fault. Fused inputs on all units offer added protection. Other features include dual cage screw-type, touch-proof terminals for personnel safety. Direct Info Number 320

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