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Transmission took another step forward recently. The Oklahoma City-based OG&E Electric Services announced its plans to construct the Oklahoma portion of a new 345-kV transmission line from north-central Oklahoma to a substation near Wichita, Kan.

The project is part of the expanded Regional Planning Process, the area’s transmission organization. The 40-mile segment to be built by OG&E will connect with another 40-mile segment to be built by Westar Energy of Topeka, Kan. Together, they will provide additional capability to move more power on the regional transmission grid, particularly that part of the grid serving Kansas and Oklahoma.

The Oklahoma company expects to begin its construction process promptly. The project will qualify for “Base-Plan” funding status, which will spread a portion of the cost of the project to all users in the SPP.

OG&E serves more than 758,000 customers in a service territory spanning 30,000 square miles in Oklahoma and western Arkansas.   EC



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