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GFCIs Coleman Cable has introduced a complete family of ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI). Included are 17 different models separated into four distinct product categories: compact, duplex and quad boxes, in-line, and right-angle. Right angle models are perfect for situations where space is at a premium. In-line models are great for running multiple power tools. Duplex and quad boxes have to or four outlets, manual “test/reset” buttons, and receptacles that can accommodate large plugs. There are two compact models: a plug-in unit and a user-attachable plug. Direct Info Number 250 Pulse Start Lamp Venture Lighting offers its Uni-Form pulse start metal halide product. The 300W lamp is an ideal alternative to the traditional 400W pinched-body lamp when energy savings and superior performance are key concerns. With 24,400 mean lumens, the lamp gives 1,000 more mean or design lumens than the standard 400W lamp. Direct Info Number 251 Monitoring System Phonetics, Inc.’s Sensaphone 2000 monitoring/reporting technology enables telecommunications operators to easily monitor unattended or remote sites 24 hours a day. By deploying the system, facilities can prevent costly problems and maintain peak operating performance—with thousands of dollars in potential savings. In addition to security, the remote monitoring capabilities provide greater flexibility to facility management—allowing users to receive notification of problems, and solicit reports from any location at any time. Direct Info Number 252 Optical Spectrum Analyzer NetTest (GN Nettest), has the Model 7520 embedded optical spectrum analyzer with 10GHz resolution and 20 picometer wavelength accuracy. It operates within both the C- and L-band DWDM transmission windows, and has the capability to monitor over 400 optical channels for wavelength, power, signal-to-noise ratio, channel spacing and drift. Direct Info Number 253 Fixtures Luraline’s Andorra pendant, sconce, ceiling and bath strip fixtures bring a new aesthetic to lighting. Uniquely shaped satin-finish acrylic cowls in four jewel tones are combined with satin white or satin-etched clear acrylic materials that frost white when lit and infuse the cowls with a soft glow. This marriage of shape, color, and materials creates beautiful compositions of light and form, whether in hospitality, commercial, or residential applications. Direct Info Number 254 Connectors/Blocks Wago presents angled female connectors and double-deck terminal blocks featuring Cage Clamp Compact connections. These products are available as both modular feed-through terminal blocks and ground conductor terminal blocks. Together with the angled female connectors, they offer two plug-in connections within a total thickness of only 59 mm from the mounting rail top surface. Product design parameters allow for maximum voltage/current ratings of 600V, 20A. Direct Info Number 255 Heat Shrink Tool The Glo-Ring from Eraser is a single-element bench unit with solid state heat controls for shrinking long lengths of heat shrink tubing and other materials on cable assemblies and wire harnesses used in the electronics and medical industry. It works by radiating focused infrared heat at temperatures of up to 1,500°F and features a temperature controller for variable heat intensity. It may be fitted with 1/2-in., 1-in., 2-in., or 3-in. diameter gold-plated plug-in quartz elements, with special element configurations also available. Direct Info Number 256 MT-RJ Adapter Leviton Voice & Data Division has introduced a new QuickPort adapter. The easy-to-use, snap-in Spectro-Link QuickPort MT-RJ adapter connects Spectro-Link MT-RJ connectors and workstation patch cords in all Leviton QuickPort wallplates, surface mount housings, patch panels, patch blocks, modular furniture faceplates, and the multimedia outlet system (MOS) line. An innovative shutter on front of the adapter protects against dust and contamination before installation and offers eye protection at the workstation. A dust cap is provided on the rear of the adapter. Direct Info Number 257 Channel Framing A complete line of Eristrut channel framing from Erico is available in every strut style for almost every application, including half slot, full slot, punched, back-to-back, and knockout. It comes in several finishes, including green powder coated, pre-galvanized, hot dip galvanized, stainless steel, aluminum, and plain. To complement the line, Erico offers a comprehensive selection of clamps, hangers, and fittings to support practically anything from strut. Direct Info Number 258 Zone Cabling Boxes Panduit Network Connectivity Group has introduced zone cabling boxes to separate the barriers of plenum/non-plenum environments and the workspace, particularly in open office areas. Each box installed serves as a high-capacity main cable distribution point for a particular office zone, feeding workstation outlets with short cable runs for voice, data, and video connections. The boxes provide the ability to make moves, adds, and changes easily, substantially reducing downtime and labor costs. Direct Info Number 259 AC Drive Rockwell Automation has introduced its sixth generation of Reliance V*S AC drives with the debut of the SP600, featuring an icon-based operator interface module. Its functionality and versatility is presented with an intuitive human interface, which features a large graphical LCD display and icons depicting functional groups for the user to select. These icons provide a simple method of locating and accessing drive variables. The benefits become clear as the user easily maneuvers through parameter groups. Direct Info Number 260 Wire Wrap/Unwrap Tools Jensen offers the PTX series of wire wrapping and unwrapping tools that features lightweight, well-balanced construction, dual-finger short-throw trigger, and a long handle to mitigate pressure on the palm. The tools will wrap 20-30 AWG wire. Both the battery-operated and electrical versions have high power motors and are capable of wrapping and unwrapping with the flick of a switch. Direct Info Number 261 Head Fixture Martin’s MiniMac is a moving head fixture, a compact automated yoke luminaire ideal for a variety of markets. Two complementary versions are available. The Profile spot features 12 rich colors and seven rotating and replaceable projection patterns. The Wash is an all-purpose fresnel color changer with a bright yet soft, undefined beam featuring 12 rich colors ideal for atmosphere generation and mood enhancement. Direct Info Number 262 Insulation Tester The Metriso 5000A insulation resistance tester with eight test voltages from 100V to 5,000V is available from GMC Instruments with test leads of 3-meter length as well as extensions for 8 meters or even 13 meters. This allows testing of large systems, such as transformers and production machinery. It features an extra large analog display and measures insulation resistance from 0 to 1,000 G*. Voltage measurements of up to 2,000V AC or DC can be performed with capacitive discharge capability of the devices under test. Direct Info Number 263 Piano Box The extra heavy-duty Jobox Model 689990 piano box is 74 in. long to allow 6-ft. levels and tools with long handles to be stored flat in the box. With 56 cu. ft. of interior space, it has a Tilt-n-Stow hinged lower shelf. It tilts up to gain nearly 12-in. of additional clearance for storing larger equipment. When lowered, the heavy-duty shelf supports up to 500 lbs. Direct Info Number 264 UPS MGE UPS Systems has introduced new features to its Galaxy 3000 to improve the reliability of power to critical plant-wide systems. The online three-phase UPS offers scalable power protection from 10 to 30kVA and uses MGE’s ultra high availability topology (UHAT) to ensure that all critical loads are protected. It supports 10 to 40 network servers and delivers the same 24x7 reliability previously found in larger UPS units at considerably higher prices. Direct Info Number 265 Ceiling Fan The Orbit from Regency Ceiling Fans features an out-of-this-world design. The three-blade construction adds a contemporary look to any room. Constructed with a satin steel finish, the orbit features custom 52-in. maple blades. Optional blade sets are available in silver and black to customize your fan to fit any décor. The fan includes a 100W domed halogen light kit as well as a remote control for easy operation. Direct Info Number 266 Connectors/Adapters RF Connectors has released additions to its SMA connector and adapter line designed for use with .085 and .141 semi-rigid coaxial cables. These 50-ohm connectors are perfect for applications with frequencies up to 18 GHz. The RSA-3510-1-085 is a right-angle SMA male and the RSA-3560-141 is a SMA female bulkhead connector. both styles are available in nickel or gold plates finishes. All SMA connectors and adapters feature Teflon insulation with gold-plated contacts and all bodies are of machined brass or stainless steel construction. Direct Info Number 267 Box Covers Pass & Seymour/Legrand has introduced its blank junction box covers. The new product protects wires in 4 in. square and round junction boxes. These covers may be used for temporary protection on junction boxes during renovation and new construction. They are made from impact resistant PVC material, which protects wires and splices from damage. The keyed slots guide the cover to the correct position for quick installation and allow easy access for future work. Direct Info Number 268 Fixtures Ruud Lighting’s EZ Bay prismatic reflectors (ZAP and ZAR series) offer economical industrial lighting that’s easy to install and wire. The 16-in. and 22-in. clear acrylic reflectors produce horizontal and vertical illumination and uplight with low brightness. The lamp, included with the fixture, is available in wattages of 200 to 450 Uni-Form pulse start metal halide (PSMH) and 400W probe start MH. Direct Info Number 269 Power Meters Fotec’s DM300s are high performance fiber optic power meters in a portable, handheld package. It can be used to measure optical power or loss in any fiber optic network or for testing fiber optic components. The meter can be ordered with either of two detectors, silicon or, germanium, with measurement ranges in wavelength from 400-1,000, or 850-1,650 nm respectively. The DM300 is calibrated traceable to NIST standards for measurements, and the meter stores a reference value for each calibration wavelength. Direct Info Number 270 Downlight Progress Lighting’s Pro-Optic Firebox responds to the recessed lighting needs of light commercial applications. Assisted living, hospitality, and multi-housing facilities demand more than functionality from recessed lighting fixtures. The downlight provides high light output and compliance with the safety codes of fire-rated ceiling assemblies, all within a cost-effective fixture that provides a residential atmosphere. Direct Info Number 271 Fluorescent Ballasts Universal Lighting Technologies presents a line of high-efficiency electronic ballasts for use with T5 lamps. The lightweight thin-profile ballasts are designed for one- and two-lamp operation with models available for T5 and T5/HO lamps ranging from 14W to 54W. ThinLine T5 and T5/HO applications include indirect, pendant mount, wall and surface mount, cove, undercabinet, and task lighting. Direct Info Number 272 Drilling Tools Mighty Mole drilling tools produced by McLaughlin Mfg. Co., enable running small diameter underground utility services economically in trenchless construction. Powered by the boring attachment on your Case, Ditch Witch, Vermeer, or almost any other trencher, the tools will cost-effectively install phone, CATV and electric conduit, gas and water lines, irrigation pipes, and sprinkler systems without the need of special equipment at the job site. Direct Info Number 273 Sports Lighting System GE Sports Lighting Systems offers sports lighting systems configured specifically for the needs of parks and recreation departments. The GE systems approach encompasses financing, engineering, product, installation, and service. When needed, GE Capital Public Finance, Inc. is available to provide low-cost, tax-exempt funding support, and lease-back plans that are creative and flexible. This innovative financing support enables recreation departments to obtain lighting within budgets and without long delays. Direct Info Number 274 Connector Tyco Electronics has released the AMP PT70 connector, a 70-pin board-mounted card edge connector that will connect the 10-gigabit Ethernet pluggable fiber optic transceivers to the printed circuit board. The connector’s electrical input/output interface is based on XAUI (10G attachment unit interface) protocols. Direct Info Number 275 Scissors Fiskars data-comm scissors are designed t fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. With an ergonomic design, great cutting ability, and long life—it’s the next-generation electrician scissors. For cutting copper or fiber optic cable, they feature stainless steel blades, fine blade for stripping, solid steel rivet, tapered tips, stripping notches, and serrated blade for gripping. Direct Info Number 276 Gang Boxes Appleton offers a complete line of single- and two-gang weatherproof boxes,manufactured from die cast aluminum and furnished with closure plugs, ground screws, and mounting lugs. Designed for both interior and exterior applications, the boxes fit weatherproof covers in standard trade sizes. Electricians can use the boxes as a device box for switches, receptacles, and GFCIs, or as junction boxes. The boxes are UL-listed and approved for wet and damp locations when properly installed. Direct Info Number 277 Cable Blower The Condux LW fiber optic cable blower is compact, powerful, and portable. The blower installs fiber optic cable into innerduct at speeds approaching 300 feet per minute. Typical installation distances range from 1,000 to 10,000 ft. The blower accommodates cable diameters from 0.23 to 1.13 in. and innerduct outside diameters from 0.98 to 1.90 in. A traction control system shuts down he blower during operation if problems are detected. Direct Info Number 278 LEDs LEDtronics has PCB LED indicators for RJ45 ports that enable visual confirmation of data traffic, network connectivity, and signal integrity on data/tele-communication equipment such as Ethernet hubs, bridges, routers, and modems. With a slim profile and the way it nests with RJ45 ports on the PCB, the black UL940V0-compliant housing takes up minimal space. Coplanar design facilitates alignment and arrayed configurations. Advanced optical grade epoxy is used to produce illumination that is bright and smooth. Direct Info Number 279 Electric Bender Current Tools offers the 77 series electric bender for 1/2-in. to 2-in. rigid, EMT, IMC, and 40 mil PVC coated conduit. Designed for field use, this unit features a rugged and dependable electrical system. The model 77 shoes and roller supports will interchange with other manufacturers comparable models. All units come with a 2-year warranty. Direct Info Number 280 Cable Tester Microtest Inc. has launched a new product in their flagship line of premise network cable testers. OmniScanner LT is targeted at the growing residential networking market and establishes a new lower level price for advanced cable certification. Direct Info Number 281 Terminal Blocks Designed to protect and maintain the integrity of electrical connections in corrosive environments, Wieland Electric Inc. offers its 9700 series DIN rail terminal blocks. Through independent testing, the series has demonstrated that it can withstand high intensity salt spray exposure for extended periods of time, while maintaining a reliable electrical connection. Three-sided funneled entry allows easy wire insertion, guided screwdriver access provides slip-free installation and captive hardware prevents lost screws. Direct Info Number 282 Nailer Hitachi Power Tools presents the innovative NR65AK Strap-Tite 21/2-in. strip nailer whose engineering allows for impressive accuracy and efficiency when fastening pre-punched hole metal connectors to wood. It features both an overhanging nail tip that accurately locates pre-punched holes and a sequential firing mechanism that ensures precision nail placement. Direct Info Number 283 Cable Runway Kit Chatsworth Products, Inc. (CPI) has released the cable runway elevation kit which allows for a smooth vertical-to-horizontal transition for cables. It facilitates the proper radius bend to satisfy ANSI/TIA/EIA 569-A standards and is an integral part of CPI’s cable support solutions. Direct Info Number 284 Metal Halide Lamps GE Lighting has introduced additions to its PulseArc metal halide line—the 320W and 350W extra high output lamps. They deliver high initial and maintained lumens which means exceptional efficiency. They operate on energy-saving ballasts, also available from GE, for a faster warm-up time. The lamps are ideal for retail ceiling, industrial, warehouse, canopy, and parking area lighting, as well as general lighting applications. Direct Info Number 285 Fiber Optic Lighting Schott-Fostec, LLC offer fiber optic lighting products for indoor and outdoor architectural and display applications. Included are all elements of a complete system—halogen and metal halide light sources, glass and plastic fiber optic harnesses, and a variety of downlighters and end-fittings for your design requirements. Direct Info Number 286 Lighting Control Combining lighting control fashion and convenience, SeeTouch from Lutron Electronics Co. is a sophisticated yet easy-to-use lighting control designed to work with both Lutron’s Grafik Eye series for commercial applications and HomeWorks Interactive series for residential installations. Attractive large-button style makes the control simple to read and operate. Direct Info Number 287 Outlet Boxes Allied Moulded Products offers a line of wall and ceiling boxes designed to meet state and local energy savings requirements. When used in conjunction with the building interior wrap material, the flexible polyurethane flange around the box forms an energy-efficient vapor seal that provides an air barrier in exterior walls and ceilings. Direct Info Number 288 Telecom Lugs Penn-Union Corp. has added 93 long-barrel telecom lugs type BBLZ-2TC with inspection window. This enhanced product offering doubles the number of long-barrel telecom lugs available. The new connectors are offered in the same wire sizes and telecom pad configurations as the BBLU-2TC series. The copper wire range covers No. 8 strand to 2000 MCM, stud sizes 1/4-in., 3/8-in., and 1/2-in. with hole spacing of 5/8-in., 3/4-in., 13/16-in., 1-in., and 13/4-in. for two-hole applications. Direct Info Number 289 Lamp Family Sylvania Tru-Color lamps are available in every major product line, including fluorescent and compact fluorescent, high-intensity discharge (HID) and halogen. They are lamps that provide stable, reliable color and excellent color rendering properties suitable for event he most color critical applications. Direct Info Number 290

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