New Process To Capture Energy From Trash

In society’s ongoing quest for a more sustainable energy future, there is always room for another innovative source of clean power. Along those lines, generating electricity from garbage is not new.

However, a small Oklahoma company claims to have come up with something original. In an interview with The Oklahoman newspaper, Shawnee company Evolution Renewable Energy Inc. describes its process for capturing the electricity generating potential of trash. The process, which it calls “sustained thermokinetic accelerated radiation technology,” shortens the natural decomposition of waste in landfills by a few thousand years.

Landfill waste will decompose and create power-generating gases on its own. Evolution claims to be able to compress that process into a few seconds or a minute. By breaking down waste material on a molecular level, the process creates heat that can then be used to generate electricity.

It has other benefits as well. The most obvious of these is the reduction of waste going into landfills. By using trash, it has identified a plentiful and cheap source of power. It also has advantages over other established means of generating power from trash. Unlike incineration and the burning of methane gas from landfills, this process is not combustive, meaning it does not create smoke and, thereby, air pollution. In the interview, Evolution CEO Garry Sexton, describes it as a “flameless, conversion technology.”

According to Sexton, the process uses up about 98 percent of its fuel source, leaving behind a nontoxic, pathogen-free substance that can be put into landfills.

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