McCormick Systems Donates $100,000 to ELECTRI International

McCormick Systems, Chandler, Arizona, recently presented a check for $100,000 to ELECTRI International—The Foundation for Electrical Construction.

“We have been involved with ELECTRI International for many years. We’ve seen it grow, and we recognize the importance of keeping it strong,” said Todd McCormick, company president, explaining the decision to increase the gift.

During the presentation at company headquarters in Chandler, Todd McCormick also announced that McCormick Systems will continue to work with the foundation to provide estimating software and companion education/training to institutions across the country.

“We’ve made an in-kind investment of close to $900,000 by giving colleges and universities access to our software. Students and their professors gain, and so do their colleges,” said Jack McCormick, company founder.

McCormick’s additional $100,000 cash investment in ELECTRI International will support both the education center and the new transmission and distribution enterprise, a dedicated fund within the research center that focuses on research and education for line constructors.

The McCormick Systems gift also generates a release of $20,000 from the foundation’s current anonymous challenge grant. For additional information about ELECTRI International’s research and education portfolio, visit

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