Job Market for Electricians Expected to Grow

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While pundits and observers fret over a possible slowdown in the nation’s economy, at least one sector appears to remain strong.

According to recent data released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job market for electricians is poised for growth.

Released in June of this year, the Bureau’s Occupational Outlook Handbook, Electricians projects a positive job outlook for the field of electricians over a 10-year span.

The bureau projects the U.S. market for electricians to increase by nearly 60,000 jobs, or nine percentage points, from 666,900 jobs in the base year of 2016 to 726,500 jobs 10 years later, in 2026.

According to the bureau, this is two percentage points more than the projected increase of 7% for all occupations over the same time period and one point lower than the 10 percent increase projected increase for construction trade workers.

The bureau attributes most of the growth in electrician jobs to increases in construction spending and growing demand for alternative-energy sources.

On the subject of alternative-power generation, the bureau explains that these sources, such as solar and wind, are parts of an emerging field that is expected to increase demand for installation electricians. A growing number of electricians will be needed to link these alternative-power sources to homes and power grids over the coming decade. 

On the other hand, the bureau adds that employment growth stemming from these sources will remain largely dependent on government policy.

Finally, the bureau concludes that electricians who can perform many different tasks, such as electronic systems repair, solar photovoltaic installation and industrial component wiring, should have the best job opportunities.

The bureau notes that nearly two-thirds of those employed in the field are electrical contractors or other wiring installation contractors. The remaining positions are evenly distributed among the categories of self-employed, manufacturing, government and employment services.

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