How to Digitize Your Electrical Contracting Business

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Jun 27, 2018

Having a digital presence could boost your presence in the marketplace, make it easier to develop your workforce with job postings and keep people updated about news related to your business.

You can start digitizing your electrical contracting business today with some stress-free strategies.

1. Create social media profiles

Many people consider social media the first place they look for finding need-to-know information. That’s why your company should have an established presence on popular social media platforms.

Facebook boasts over 2 billion monthly users, so a Facebook business page is a good starting point. With such a page, potential and existing customers will be able to get basic information about your business, view anything you've shared, and contact you directly. It's free, but there are options for advertising as well, which enables you to reach out and find new customers.

Twitter gives users the chance to capture attention through concise statements. For example, you might provide tips about why it’s safer and smarter to hire electricians instead of engaging in DIY work.

Instagram is also gaining traction, and you might want to have a LinkedIn profile, especially for increasing professional connections. When choosing your platforms, keep customer reach in mind.

  • Consider content that resonates with your audience.
  • Update social media feeds regularly.
  • Respond to customer queries that come through social media.
  • Focus on distributing timely, helpful and actionable information.

2. Build a website

A recent survey confirmed word of mouth is still the top way to generate marketing growth. However, it also found 45 percent of respondents don’t have business websites. If you’re among that group, don’t panic.

Many free website builders, such as Squarespace, Wix and Weebly, feature drag-and-drop functionality that helps even non-tech savvy people create beautiful websites and grow their web presence in the process. WordPress offers another solution with greater flexibility and customization options; however, depending on your goals, WordPress may require more time and a steeper learning curve.

Otherwise, consider hiring a web designer to do the job for you. In that case, prioritize solutions that enable you to update information on the site without depending on that professional every time.

  • Research the available platforms and the features they offer.
  • Decide if you’ll stick with free options or have a website-creation budget.
  • Update the content yourself if possible, and keep any tech-knowledge limitations in mind when surveying solutions.

3. Make your business visible on review sites

The results of a Deloitte survey revealed 81 percent of people read reviews and check ratings when learning about their options and making decisions. So, it’s crucial for your company to be on well-known review sites.

Yelp is one of the most popular places people go when learning about businesses in their area. You can also include your business on Angie’s List and have an entry that provides contact details. As people avail of your services and leave reviews, these services offer the opportunity to monitor the feedback and actively maintain your reputation on the site.

  • Go through the process of adding your business to the most appropriate review sites.
  • Periodically check those listings for accuracy, as well as positive and negative feedback.
  • Learn about the site-specific procedures for reporting reviews that seem fake or otherwise inaccurate.

4. Start a blog

Many of the website-building tools above simplify creating a blog and including it as part of your online presence. A blog can feature newsworthy events related to your contracting company, tips for homeowners and more.

With a blog, you can establish yourself or your company as an authority in electrical construction, and by offering accessible information they want to read, it can help you appeal to current and potential customers.

  • Develop and commit to a schedule for publishing new posts.
  • Encourage readers to comment on the posts and chime in with suggestions for future content.
  • Offer localized or seasonal content when possible.
  • Include images with your posts to make them more engaging.

5. Consider online advertising strategies

Google and Facebook are two prominent brands that offer online advertising options for businesses. Both of them enable you to run ads for specific periods of time and provide the tools to focus on aspects like geographic location and age range of the audience.

When putting your efforts into online advertising, think about the words and phrases most likely to make customers contact your electrical contracting company. Moreover, keep goals in mind, and figure out how advertising helps you achieve them.

  • Determine how internet advertising could both boost your online presence and attract customers.
  • Think about using online ads to promote in-person events, such as your business appearing at a home show or electricians’ expo.
  • Use any provided metrics dashboards to determine the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. Don’t be afraid to retool a strategy if the results warrant doing that.

Getting digitized takes time

You now have several broad strategies and specific suggestions for becoming more prominent online, even if your presence is currently nonexistent.

Remember you’re involved in an important industry, you have valuable skills and knowledge, and your expertise is needed. If you emphasize those points and your commitment to quality, you will develop an effective online presence for your company.

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