Hilti Releases Cordless Tool Line

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Jan 12, 2022

Hilti Corp., Plano, Texas has introduced a new line of 22V cordless tools that meets the needs of multiple trades, including electricians.

More than 70 tools are in the North American rollout of the Hilti Nuron platform of products announced Jan. 12, 2021. The products are on sale now, with shipments scheduled to begin in March.

Nuron products include many tools for electrical installation applications such as drilling, cable cutting and termination and fastening, said Heidi Pratt, Hilti’s trade manager.

Anytime a respected manufacturer introduces a new line of tools is news, and Hilti’s Nuron is significant to the market for professional tools.

A single system

“All Nuron battery packs and chargers work interchangeably under a single ecosystem to help reduce complexity for tool cribs and to lower costs,” Pratt said.

The redesigned battery interface ensures higher performance and longer operating times per charge by allowing a significantly higher power transfer. Nuron batteries are durable, including a rugged new fiberglass-reinforced housing and external shock-absorbing bumpers, which provide extra protection in tough job conditions. Electronics are fully sealed to protect against moisture, dust and other job-site contaminants.

The Nuron battery platform also enables heavy-duty tools for applications that once were restricted to corded, gas-powered or higher-voltage battery systems.   

Data in the cloud

“Nuron brings intelligence to the core of the platform” Pratt said. “All tools generate data, which is stored by the Nuron batteries and sent without any operator interaction securely to the cloud during every charge.

“The data collected includes information about tool usage, tool utilization, charging and the battery’s ‘health.’ This information can be used to alert individuals if action is needed immediately, can be accessed on-demand as required and is available on mobile and desktop devices via Hilti’s ON!Track software platform.

“Together with services like Hilti Fleet Management, tool data can be used to reduce downtime and optimize tool cribs to boost productivity.”


Pratt said Hilti has always focused on operator health and safety, and Nuron tool features have been newly developed or extensively redesigned to achieve an optimal performance-to-weight ratio and ergonomic design to make tools easier and safer to use. For example, the new SensTech system senses when the operator’s hand is removed from a tool and engages an electric brake.

Active vibration reduction comes as standard. The active torque control, another key safety feature, is now available with many more tools in the Nuron product range.

Hilti’s dust removal system is available for all Nuron tools. Each Nuron tool has a recommended tethering method, and an ANSI-compliant tethering system is available to help avoid falling objects when working at heights.


“The higher performance of the Nuron tools/batteries can additionally increase productivity,” said Pratt. “Tools that deliver a higher level of performance and operate on one compatible battery platform can lead to faster work and results in saving time.”

Diagnostics provide real-time information on the battery’s condition. If it needs replacing, it can be done before it deteriorates further. Knowing the battery is in top condition, users can expect maximum productivity.

“With the unveiling of Nuron,” Pratt said, “Hilti affirms its commitment to innovation and strengthens its legacy as a leading provider of productivity solutions. Expect more innovation in the future as the platform grows to cover more applications.”

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