‘Green’ Technology Installed In 
Boston Housing Units

Because of increased pressure from government regulators to provide efficient energy systems, Boston-area developers must enlist experienced contractors with proven track records of providing sophisticated energy systems that ensure high quality and reliability, according to Matthew Guarracino, business development manager for J.M. Electrical Co., which does specialty work in advanced automated building system installations.

The company brought its experience to the forefront during a recent project.

“During a recent collaboration on the Ink Block Apartments project in the South End, the owners, developers and contractors worked together to make strategic decisions in order to preserve the project’s bottom line,” Guarracino said. “One consistent priority for Ink Block, as well as many other large-scale projects, was energy management to control costs and provide an optimal living environment for tenants and residents.”

In another instance, J.M. Electrical completed project operations for the energy-efficiency upgrade at Georgetowne Homes, a renovated affordable-housing development in Hyde Park, Mass. Under the management of mechanical contractor E.M. Duggan, J.M. Electrical electricians updated the building’s heating system for 928 of the housing units, installed central boiler plants and installed a variable refrigerant flow (VRF) system for the community center.

Georgetowne Homes presented unique requirements and challenges. J.M. Electrical replaced the electric heating system with central boiler plants, rewired and installed new thermostats, and completely revamped the community center to reduce energy demand and consumption, while guaranteeing reliable energy delivery for power and heat.

“This important project will provide Boston residents with affordable housing options equipped with energy-efficient technology in what was the largest affordable-housing-development preservation project in the Commonwealth’s history,” said Stephen Guarracino, J.M. Electrical operations manager. “We were excited to integrate these innovative energy systems into the structure, while also reducing the building’s energy costs.”

With today’s advanced building systems, it takes a wide range of skills and knowledge to ensure that all of the systems work seamlessly and reliably.

“As a result of this project, Georgetowne Homes will save money and energy, while also providing an exceptional living experience for all occupants,” he said.

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