Girl Scouts Learn About Construction Industry With New Patch

Young girl in overalls and a construction hat, holding a protractor. Image by Alejandra Jimenez from Pixabay
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Apr 26, 2022

Girl Scouts can learn about the benefits of a career in construction and earn a new patch: The House That She Built.

“The shortage of skilled trade workers is a growing crisis for our country. Part of the issue is that children and parents are not aware of the vast opportunities for successful careers in construction,” according to the webpage dedicated to the patch. It was first rolled out by the Girl Scouts of California’s Central Coast and is now available for troops across the country.

“Many people still believe that a traditional college education is the only path to a prosperous future, when that path can and should be determined by the unique child and their interests, skills and goals,” the webpage states.

The program was created by Mollie Elkman, the author of the children’s book “The House That She Built,” and with support from the book’s publisher, the National Association of Home Builders. The patch was inspired by a team of more than 100 women from around the country—many of whom were former Girl Scouts—who came to Utah to help build a home.

“We are so proud to be able to work with the Girl Scouts to introduce and empower young girls to learn about the construction industry,” said Alicia Huey, who is first vice chairman of the board for NAHB and president of AGH Homes Inc. in Birmingham, Ala.  “We hope that this program helps to drive curiosity, expose them to new career paths and be a fun learning experience.”

Depending on the troop’s level and age group, Girl Scouts wanting to earn the patch must complete the following activities:

  • Watch The House That She Built Patch Program launch event.

  • Complete The House That She Built activity page and submit a picture once completed.

  • Submit two questions for either the author, illustrator or women behind “The House That She Built.”

  • Share which career sounds the most exciting and why.

  • Research the different careers that go into building a home.

  • Try to find a woman working in construction in the local community. The webpage then asks, “Were you able to find one? How many people did you see before you found a woman?”

  • Watch the construction site tour with CBH Homes.

“The Girl Scouts is the perfect organization for us to partner with to help inspire the next generation of young women,” Elkman said. “I’m excited to show them the book and introduce them to some amazing women in the construction industry.”

Proceeds from “The House That She Built,” available on a dedicated website, support skilled workforce development and diversity and inclusion in the construction industry.

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