GFCIs and Circuit Breakers

GFCI Covers Thomas & Betts presents the P60 and P64 series brass GFCI covers for use with all Steel City floor boxes. The P64-GFCI is designed for use with T&B’s existing line of rectangular floor boxes in either carpet or tile applications. Two configurations are available to accommodate round floor boxes: the convenient P60-CACP-GFCI one-piece carpet plate and the P60-GFCI, which is suitable for tile applications or for use with the P60-CP carpet plate. Direct Info Number 250. Circuit Breakers Square D’s Magnum direct replacement roll-in circuit breakers fit into existing switchgear cells without modification, providing an alternative to costly full replacement of aging electrical distribution equipment. The new 5kV and 15kV circuit breakers maintain safety interlocks inherent in the original equipment design. They use totally new components, including leading-edge vacuum or SF6 arc interruption technology. Direct Info Number 251. Breaker Control A substation automation product, the control indicator module (CIM), is available from Electroswitch Corp. for monitoring and controlling up to three breaker trip coils (single, dual, or triple coils) while providing a local manual fail-safe switch. The CIM offers tremendous versatility in a small package by combining the functions of several switches, monitors, and annunciating devices into one compact modular enclosure that can be horizontally or vertically mounted in a space of less than 14 sq. in. Direct Info Number 252. Ground Fault Interrupter Barnett Inc. offers the complete line of PowerWorks electrical products, including the 15A ground fault interrupter (20A feed-through). Residential grade and code-approved, this GFCI can be backwired with No. 12 or No. 14 wire. It is available in a choice or red and blue buttons. Direct Info Number 253. Outlet Control Pulizzi Engineering Inc. has the T8S series of power distribution systems that provide individual on/off control over eight outlets in a 1U x 19-in. rack-mounted 16 GA. steel chassis. Also provided is over-current protection, EMI/RFI filtering and spike/surge suppression. The front mounting panel has a main power “on” indicator light that illuminates when the over-current supplementary protector is engaged. Also on the front panel are eight lighted on/off rocker switches that control the individual power to the eight rear panel outlets. Direct Info Number 254. GFCI Line Coleman Cable has introduced a complete family of ground fault circuit interrupters that provide personal protection from ground faults and open neutral conditions when using electrical equipment. Included are 17 different models separated into four distinct product categories: compact, duplex quad boxes, in-line, and right angle. Right-angle models are perfect where space is at a premium. In-line models are great for running multiple power tools. Duplex quad boxes have two or four outlets, manual “test/reset” buttons, and receptacles that can accommodate large plugs. There are two compact models: a plug-in unit and a user-attachable plug. Direct Info Number 255. Distribution Panel Cooper Crouse-Hinds presents the D2Z line of SpecOne distribution panels that are approved for Zone 1 and Division 2 hazardous locations. Designed and manufactured for highly corrosive environments, the panelboards house breakers that employ flameproof and increased safety explosion-protection methods. Main disconnect switches are rated up to 180 amps with optional fusing. Product features include large windows for viewing and operating breakers, EPD protection, triple lockouts on main disconnects, windows and breakers, and auxiliary signal contacts on breaker. Direct Info Number 256. Commercial GFCI Receptacles Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems offers a line of commercial GFCI receptacles that feature back and side wiring, dual direction test and reset buttons and a new compact design. The devices are available in 15A and 20A 125V AC versions and have an ampacity interrupting rating of 20A at 125V AC. All are listed to UL943 for GFCIs, UL498 for receptacles, and are CSA certified. Direct Info Number 257. GFCIs All of Eagle Electric’s 15A and 20A ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) receptacles, along with its 20A blank-face GFCIs, have been recognized by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) to withstand its UL943 Supplement SA “Optional 10KA (10,000 ampere) Short Circuit Test for Outlet-Box-Type GFCIs.” Standard UL943 performance requirements demand passing a 2,000A short circuit test for receptacles. Direct Info Number 258. Pool Ground Fault Protection Cutler-Hammer presents round fault electrical panels designed specifically for pools, hot tubs, and spa applications. They feature a two-circuit loadcenter with 50A or 60A two-pole ground fault interrupters (GFI) that are pre-installed and pre-wired. Because the GFIs are installed at the factory, contractors do not need to hardwire them on site, saving time and effort. Direct Info Number 259. Residential/Commercial GFCIs SunStar Lighting has 15A residential grade and 20A commercial grade GFCIs in six colors—traditional white and ivory, almond, gray, black, and brown. The monochromatic ground fault circuit interrupters include the wall plates. Direct Info Number 260. Circuit Analyzers The SureTest ST-1D circuit analyzer from Industrial Commercial Electronics measures the resistance of power and ground circuits under a 15A load. It determines the quality of wiring circuits and identifies loose connections, bad splices, damaged conductors, faulty receptacles, and high resistance conditions that reduce voltage and develop point sources of heat. Line impedance under load is displayed as percentage voltage drop, ground impedance in ohms. The instrument indicates wiring errors, false grounds, peak common mode (ground-neutral) voltage, and estimates peak load-on-line. Direct Info Number 261. GFCI Pass & Seymour/Legrand TradeMaster GFCI ground fault circuit interrupter is one of the latest additions to the TradeMaster product family. It was designed from “in-the-field” research and includes: ability to use side- or backwiring for positive, easy termination of No. 14 and No. 12 solid or stranded wire; two backwire holes per termination to allow for a multitude of wiring options without sacrificing speed and without having to pigtail and use wire connectors; longer straps for better sheet rock contact and fewer “floating” installations. Direct Info Number 262. Equipment GFCIs Simple-to-use, plug-in GFCIs from McGill protect operators and equipment by interrupting electrical power when loads have a potentially lethal ground current in excess of 4-6 milliamps. Manual reset of the trip indicator prevents unmonitored equipment start-ups following a fault or a power outage. The GFCIs also suppress radio frequency interference to prevent nuisance tripping. Compact, rugged, and fully portable, the GFCIs can be used indoors or outdoors. Direct Info Number 263.

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