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We like to shine a light on opportunities available to electrical contractors. We seek out projects ECs are working on, unearth new products that help you get the job done, and make sure we’re all up to speed on the various codes and standards that we use in the industry. We consider it our charge to help your business stabilize, develop and grow.

This month, we look at lighting and controls. Claire Swedberg writes about lighting controls in public spaces, such as healthcare facilities and airports. Read Open and Accessible Light here. In For Rent: Lighting as a Service, Chuck Ross fills us in on a new approach to lighting ownership, called “lighting (or lumens) as a service” (LaaS). The more you know, right? Lighting expert Craig DiLouie gives everyone a lot to think about in his feature on networked lighting control software. Read Everything’s Under Control here. In his lighting column, Craig writes about a resource for lighting market analysis and business planning, the “2015 U.S. Lighting Market Characterization.” Read The Lay of the Lighting Land here.

We have a focus about two ECs in Pueblo, Colo., that work on lighting and controls in greenhouses and growhouses. There is plenty of work to be had in this burgeoning industry. Learn more in Growing up in Colorado, as long as this work is legal in your area.

Our other monthly columns deserve attention, as well. In The Reasonable EC, Part 2, Gerard Ittig reveals the judges’ decisions on the scenarios he posed in his January legal column. How did you match up? Steve Carr tells us about a dangerous electrical situation he observed in a tire shop and how you never know when witnessing something like that may lead to a profitable relationship. Read Estimating Hazards here.

We have plenty of integrated systems coverage this month, starting on page 64 with Wayne D. Moore’s Fire Focus, How Do You
Differentiate Yourself?
about how to create a place for your business so you can withstand an economic downturn.

We also want to remind you that our Profile of the Electrical Contractor survey will be mailed/emailed soon. If you are one of the randomly chosen subscribers, please consider taking the survey to help us to help you—and light the way for your peers. To see what we’re talking about, you can check out the 2016 Profile at profile.ecmag.com.

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Timothy Johnson is the former digital editor for ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR magazine.

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