Energy Firms to Deliver Generator Link for Homes

Pepco Technologies, LLC, the wholly owned subsidiary of Potomac Electric Power Company, announced that it has signed an agreement with Dominion Virginia Power, a subsidiary of Dominion and one of the nation's 10 largest investor-owned electric utilities. The agreement gives Dominion Virginia Power the ability to offer GenerLink, Pepco Technologies' patented interconnection device, to the nearly 1.8 million residential customers it serves in the state of Virginia. Introduced in 1999, GenerLink is an interconnection device installed behind a residential electric meter that gives the homeowner a safe and convenient point to attach a portable generator directly into the home's electrical wiring system. During an outage, the generator becomes the source of emergency power for virtually any appliance selected by the homeowner. GenerLink is currently available from Pepco Technologies at select utility companies throughout the United States. "Dominion Virginia Power will be a great distribution partner for us," said Brad Johnson, president of Pepco Technologies. "Dominion Virginia Power has a record of being deeply committed to providing high levels of customer service and now with GenerLink, they are going one step further. Dominion Virginia Power is making it easy and safe for its residential customers to use portable generators to protect against the kind of storm-related power outages that no one can control." Under the terms of the agreement, Pepco Technologies will provide Dominion Virginia Power with GenerLink units that Dominion Virginia Power will market to its residential customers. Dominion Virginia Power will arrange for the installation of the GenerLink units. Pepco Technologies will provide marketing support to Dominion Virginia Power. "We are excited about being able to offer our residential customers the GenerLink product," said Robert E. Rigsby, president and chief operating officer of Dominion Virginia Power. "We know from phone calls that many customers want the kind of protection a home generator can provide. Now we can offer them a product that eliminates the installation headaches and protects our workers."

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